Exciting Battery Replacement Services Introduced for the Ubiquitous 2nd Generation iPod nano

4:35 pm   -   August 11th, 2008

Milliamp LTD, the internet repair shop that gives iPods and iPhones more life by offering replacement iPod batteries and also iPod chargers, announces a brand-new battery changing offering for the second generation iPod nano.

“This sort of offering is necessary, because the majority of nano owners don’t have the tools and know-how required to change the battery in their second generation iPod nano.”, said Mr. Anthony Magnabosco, who is the founder of the website ipodjuice.com.

What makes the second gen ipod nano battery.so difficult to replace? Well for starters, the unit is extremely small and thin – WAY thinner than an iPod mini, which it is many times mixed up with. It also has tiny white end caps on both ends of the device that need to be gingerly pulled out – pull too forcefully and you might break your headphone connection and ScrollWheel. When that is done, small screws have to be located and gingerly taken out. And finally, the worn out iPod nano battery that was installed at the factory must be de-soldered and removed, and the new battery must be soldered in its place.

“The intricacy of this certain battery changing process practically makes it necessary that you send your second gen iPod nano to a specialist.”, added Magnabosco.

The good feature about this second generation iPod nano battery replacement offering is that you are returned your same iPod nano back – not a refurbished device that you may get back from Apple. Plus, the process with the ipodjuice.com website is much quicker: new iPod nano batteries are nearly always put in the same day the devices arrive, where you could wait weeks by mailing it to the kind folks in Cupertino. Lastly, and possibly most importantly, the price of the battery replacement service provided by Milliamp LTD is less than Apple’s fees.

The ipodjuice.com website is full of enthusiastic testimonials from real folks who have either bought a kit and done the battery change by themselves or sent in their unit for service.

“When you take everything into consideration, our ipod nano repair and battery replacement service for worn out second generation Apple iPod nano batteries is the smarter alternative.”, continued Magnabosco.

The San Antonio-based repair shop has been offering iPod battery kits for three years and counting, and employs the best iPod repair and iPhone repair specialists in the U.S.. So even if you don’t have this certain iPod nano model, you might still find a use for their battery replacement services.

Announcing Used Apple iPhone Buy-Back Service at ipodjuice dot com

8:06 pm   -   August 4th, 2008

Milliamp LTD, which owns the website ipodjuice.com and has been offering iPod batteries for more than 3 years, has just announced an all new buy-back service for old 1st gen Apple iPhones.

The price someone can expect for an old iPhone is dependent on several things, including the hard drive size and general state of the device.

“A secondhand iPhone in reasonable working order is valuable to our iPhone repair company.”, said Anthony Magnabosco, the owner of the ipodjuice dot comwebsite.

A iPhone that has had normal use can be employed to test out new parts as they arrive into the iPod workshop before being installed or could possibly even be used to fix other iPhones, since obtaining trustworthy replacement parts for the Apple iPhone can be a challenge.

However, if your iPhone has gotten wet, donating it isn’t a good idea: even if you discover that the device still works, it is likely the water has damaged (or soon will cause damage to) the components contained in the device, rendering the iPhone beyond repair.

Fortunately, the high-quality iPod and iPhone parts that are used by ipodjuice dot com are tested out and backed for an entire year, which is much more than what many iPod repair and iPhone repair businesses offer.

“Customers are always surprised to find that their secondhand Apple iPhone can be sold for a great price that can be used towards the purchase of a brand new iPhone.”, said Magnabosco.

The ipodjuice dot com website and the company Milliamp LTD are in NO WAY associated with Apple Computer, Inc., just in case you were curious. ‘Apple’, ‘iPod’, and ‘iPhone’ are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Fresh iPhone LCD Replacement Services Announced

8:05 pm   -   August 4th, 2008

The iPhone has a eye-catching display, but it will often get damaged if the device drops out of your hand and hits the ground, or encounters some other sort of accidental blow.

Luckily, iPhone repair business Milliamp LTD, which has been in business from the website ipodjuice.com for over 3 years now, has just introduced a new iPhone LCD repair option to serve those who own a working first generation iPhone, but have cracked its screen.

“While a new iPhone screen is more costly than an average iPod screen replacement, many iPhone owners decide that the repair expense is warranted.”, said Mr. Anthony Magnabosco, the owner of the iPhone and iPod repair website.

When Apple made the LCD for the first generation iPhone, they combined the screen and the digitizer as one unit, so if the screen breaks, the 2-part component has to be replaced. The 2 components that make up the display in the iPhone 3G, however, are separate from each other.

“We are surprised by the number of messages and phone calls we receive from customers that have a damaged iPhone LCD and want to get it fixed.”, added Magnabosco.

You can order a brand-new iPhone LCD for the first generation version at ipodjuice.com, choose the ‘iPhone Repair’ link at the top of the page on the green navigation bar. The internet ipod repair shop has inventory in stock and performs same-day replacements and ships back the very next business day.

Introducing New iPhone 3G Battery Replacement Services

9:42 pm   -   July 9th, 2008

The service provider in iPod battery replacements, Milliamp LTD at their internet site ipodjuice.com, has just introduced a battery replacement service for the new iPhone 3G.

“Even though the latest iPhone won’t be available to U.S. customers for a few more days, we thought customers should hear that we have the capability to change the battery in the brand-new iPhone 3G.”, said Anthony Magnabosco, the owner of the iPhone battery replacement company.

Milliamp LTD has been offering battery replacement kits for almost all of the iPod models, and also battery replacement services for the more complicated-to-open iPods for 3 years now, and is widely thought of as the leader in the industry.

Each iPod and iPhone has a lithium-ion battery, so over time, the battery will cease to maintain its full charge and will at some point require replacement.

This business has been offering new iPhone batteries ever since the 1st gen iPhone was released in June 2007, so supporting a battery replacement service for the new second gen iPhone is a natural advancement for the San Antonio-based business.

The battery replacement service that iPhone repair Milliamp LTD provides the customer that needs a replacement iPod battery or iPhone battery is generally much quicker and less expensive than Apple Computer’s offering, since iPod and iPhone battery replacements are usually performed on the same day the device arrives and then shipped back out the following business day.

“Our batteries are guaranteed for 10 years, whether the customer performs the replacement themselves or our technicians install the battery for you.”, continued Magnabosco.

Now that is excellent news and a good thing to keep in mind when the time comes for a replacement iPod battery or iPhone battery.