NetZero Affiliate Program on Commission Junction

7:26 pm   -   June 26th, 2006

NetZero Affiliate Program on Commission Junction

Joined Network: 19-Sep-2001

Category: Internet Service Providers

Description: Latest news: 2/1/06

NetZero has a new look, higher commissions and new offerings! We also have high conversion rates thanks to value priced products, a recognizable brand name and the millions of dollars we put behind TV commercials.

NetZero ISP: For fast reliable internet access.

NZ Platinum: Unlimited dial-up as low as $6.95/mo. Limited time offer.
NZ HiSpeed 3G: The fastest dial-up surfing you can get for as low as $9.95/mo. Limited time offer.
NZ Free: 10 hours of free internet access a month.
NZ HiSpeed for Broadband: For faster surfing on Broadband. $4.95/mo.

NetZero VOIP: Save money on your phone bill. Works over dial-up or broadband.

NZVoice Unlimited: Unlimited computer to phone minutes. $14.95/mo. with first month free. Includes voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and more!

You will earn a healthy commission for each new signup and can take advantage of our enhanced performance incentive tiers!
NZ Platinum and HiSpeed 3G Sales: Starts at $19.
NZ Free Leads: $2.50.
NZ HiSpeed for Broadband Sales: $10
NZ VOIP: $20

– Affiliates cannot misrepresent NetZero and cannot promote NetZero dial up as a DSL or broadband product.
– Affiliates cannot outbid NetZero’s internal paid search efforts on NetZero trademarked terms.
– Affiliates cannot use domain names owned by United Online (including but not limited to,
– CAN-SPAM: Affiliates may not promote NetZero through e-mail marketing.

Questions? Please contact us through CJ Mail.