Fresh iPhone LCD Replacement Services Announced

8:05 pm   -   August 4th, 2008

The iPhone has a eye-catching display, but it will often get damaged if the device drops out of your hand and hits the ground, or encounters some other sort of accidental blow.

Luckily, iPhone repair business Milliamp LTD, which has been in business from the website for over 3 years now, has just introduced a new iPhone LCD repair option to serve those who own a working first generation iPhone, but have cracked its screen.

“While a new iPhone screen is more costly than an average iPod screen replacement, many iPhone owners decide that the repair expense is warranted.”, said Mr. Anthony Magnabosco, the owner of the iPhone and iPod repair website.

When Apple made the LCD for the first generation iPhone, they combined the screen and the digitizer as one unit, so if the screen breaks, the 2-part component has to be replaced. The 2 components that make up the display in the iPhone 3G, however, are separate from each other.

“We are surprised by the number of messages and phone calls we receive from customers that have a damaged iPhone LCD and want to get it fixed.”, added Magnabosco.

You can order a brand-new iPhone LCD for the first generation version at, choose the ‘iPhone Repair’ link at the top of the page on the green navigation bar. The internet ipod repair shop has inventory in stock and performs same-day replacements and ships back the very next business day.