Announcing Used Apple iPhone Buy-Back Service at ipodjuice dot com

8:06 pm   -   August 4th, 2008

Milliamp LTD, which owns the website and has been offering iPod batteries for more than 3 years, has just announced an all new buy-back service for old 1st gen Apple iPhones.

The price someone can expect for an old iPhone is dependent on several things, including the hard drive size and general state of the device.

“A secondhand iPhone in reasonable working order is valuable to our iPhone repair company.”, said Anthony Magnabosco, the owner of the ipodjuice dot comwebsite.

A iPhone that has had normal use can be employed to test out new parts as they arrive into the iPod workshop before being installed or could possibly even be used to fix other iPhones, since obtaining trustworthy replacement parts for the Apple iPhone can be a challenge.

However, if your iPhone has gotten wet, donating it isn’t a good idea: even if you discover that the device still works, it is likely the water has damaged (or soon will cause damage to) the components contained in the device, rendering the iPhone beyond repair.

Fortunately, the high-quality iPod and iPhone parts that are used by ipodjuice dot com are tested out and backed for an entire year, which is much more than what many iPod repair and iPhone repair businesses offer.

“Customers are always surprised to find that their secondhand Apple iPhone can be sold for a great price that can be used towards the purchase of a brand new iPhone.”, said Magnabosco.

The ipodjuice dot com website and the company Milliamp LTD are in NO WAY associated with Apple Computer, Inc., just in case you were curious. ‘Apple’, ‘iPod’, and ‘iPhone’ are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.