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7:51 pm   -   June 5th, 2008

Medical Equipment and Supplies for Independent Living.

Hello Affiliates, is your best choice for quality products that help people maintain good health, making life as comfortable and productive as possible for athletes, those with disabilities, or in pain. has the best choices, best prices and best service. Our well researched products are offered at the best prices in the country!

With summer almost upon us, is featuring FREE shipping on specially selected Summer and Water items.

That’s FREE shipping on:

Exerswim Portable Swim Current Generator – this is a portable swim current generator, designed for meaningful exercise. You get a powerful aquatic workout when you swim against the current. And you can swim against a smooth, strong, wide current in the privacy of your own pool!

FitMax iPool – the FitMax iPool comes with everything you need for a complete, low impact exercise! The iPool was designed for resistance swimming to help strengthen the cardiovascular system without the stress and impact on the joints.

INCLINE Aquatic Underwater Treadmill – every time you take a step, you put three to seven times the weight of your body on your joints. Take that same step in water, and the natural buoyancy of H2O gently lifts the pressure off your joints, while still allowing you to work your muscles.

Aquatrend Water Workout Station – this is the perfect addition to any pool. Utilizing the benefits of aquatic exercise, the Aquatrend Water Workout Station is the ultimate fitness machine offering a full-body workout to people of all ages and fitness levels.

In addition, we have competitively priced two of our best selling Portable Spas!

Spa2Go Portable Spa – enjoy a relaxing whirlpool spa wherever you like without complicated or costly installation.

Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa – enjoy having a totally portable spa that fits easily into those hard to get to locations – both indoors and out!

Affiliate Benefits:

* Pays you 6% commission on every sale
* Average Order Size $120
* Conversion Rate Over 9%

We research our thoughtful product solutions and try most before we choose to carry them. With our best pricing guarantees and same day shipping as a standard service, we make ordering easy.

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