Ritz Camera Announces New Keyword Policy in Commission Junction Affilaite Program

11:14 pm   -   December 4th, 2006

Please be advised that our keyword search policy has been updated today. Included is a policy on branded keyword searches and a list of protected keywords.

Protected keywords are: Rits Pics, Ritz Pics, Ritz Pix, RitzPix, ritzcamera, ritz camera, Ritz Camera, RitzCamera, Ritz camera, ritz Camera, Ritz Camera, RitzCamera.com, Wolf Camera, WolfCamera, WolfCamera.com, RitzPix.com, Ritz Pix.com, printatwolf, print at wolf, printatwolf.com

A copy of the policy is below. We would appreciate your attention to this matter as the policy is effective immediately.


eFax Increase Payout to Affiliates on Commission Junction

11:05 pm   -   December 4th, 2006


In August, we upped the ante and started offering $12 a lead and $20 a sale. With special incentives you can even earn $42 for 1 eFax Plus lead. We also added colorful eVoice and eFax flash banners to Advanced Links, gave you new Content Links and uploaded landing pages to match our best performing banners – all to increase conversions and give you more choices.

eFax Global Affiliate Network Offer Page

2:10 pm   -   June 26th, 2006

Description: Welcome and thank you for your interest in the eFax Global Affiliate Network!

Now is your chance to make your website work even harder for you! j2 Global Communications (NASDAQ:JCOM), the owner of eFax, is the leading provider of electronic fax numbers worldwide and is ranked #11 in Fortune Magazine’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies for 2005. Recommend our convenient, cost-effective communication and messaging solutions to your internet audience and earn extra income with a click.

As a member of the eFax Global Affiliate Network, you will be able to offer:

• eFax Plus
$10/lead, $10/sale
Offer our premium subscription fax to email service to all of your site visitors. With eFax Plus, our premium subscription, members receive a local fax number for sending and receiving faxed documents as email attachments.

• Annual Subscription
Use our Annual Coupon links and pass an exclusive 20% savings off the cost of 12 monthly installments of eFax Plus to your site visitors when they sign up for an Annual Subscription.

• eVoice Plus
$5/lead, $10/sale
Double your efforts by offering the newest product on our Global Affiliate network – eVoice Plus! When someone calls a member’s eVoice Plus number and leaves a message, it’s delivered straight to their email inbox. They can then listen to messages with the eVoice player or access them by phone.

Registration is easy. Just complete the quick online application process and add your choice of banners, badges or text links to your website. Be sure to opt in to receive emails from eFax.