eAccountableOPM to Manage New ShareASale Affiliate Program: PreciousProvisions.com

11:51 pm   -   May 13th, 2008

PreciousProvisions.com Launches Affiliate Program on ShareASale- eAccountableOPM.com to Manage
May 13th, 2008

When Christopher Columbus first gazed upon Jamaica’s Blue Mountains in 1494, he asserted:

“It is the fairest island eyes have beheld; mountainous and the land seems to touch the sky.”

100% Jamaica Blue Mountain gourmet coffee is the most sought after coffee in the world. But if you’ve discovered PreciousProvisions.com we suspect you’re already aware of Blue Mountain’s elite status as the premier coffee throughout the globe. Blue Mountain’s wonderfully exotic and exquisite flavor that has been satisfying java connoisseurs for more than two centuries.

Among the champions of Blue Mountain was author Ian Fleming. Fleming, who lived part-time in Jamaica, would not allow his literary hero, and man of superior taste, James Bond, to drink any other. As Bond sits down for breakfast in a page of “Live and Let Die,” Fleming declares outright:

“Blue Mountain coffee, the most delicious in the world.”

also sells other exceptional provisions besides 100% Pure Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee, including: Oaxacan Chocolates, Fine Teas and Gifts!

Affiliate Program Details

* Payout: 10% per sale.
* Average Sale $60.
* Site-wide conversion rate is 2%
* Cookie Duration 30 Days
* Datafeed coming soon!
* Coupons always available!
* No Keyword Restrictions

For more information email or call:

Stephanie Sorrels
Affiliate Manager for PreciousProvisions.com
[email protected]

ShareASale Welcomes New Affiliate Program: FishHeadGear.com

11:48 pm   -   May 13th, 2008

FishHeadGear.com Launches Affiliate Program on ShareASale- Chooses eAccountableOPM to Manage
May 13th, 2008

Do you have what it takes to become a FishHead?

Then Visit FishHeadGear.com

FishHeadGear.com is constantly working to create the highest quality fishing apparel, fishing hats and gear for both saltwater and freshwater fishermen. Our fishing t-shirts are made with durable 6.1 ounce pre-shrunk cotton and have shoulder-to-shoulder taping and double stitched pockets, sleeves and hems.

These are no lightweight fishing shirts, and they will be sure to stay in your rotation of fishing clothing for many seasons to come. Take a look for yourself at our great selection of fishing clothes, fishing caps and fishing gifts for both children and adults and become a FishHead!

Affiliate Program Information:

* Payout: 10% per sale.
* Average Sale $60.
* Site-wide conversion rate is 2%
* Cookie Duration 60 Days
* Datafeed coming soon!
* Coupons always available! Currently:

FishHeadGear.com- Fishing Apparel, Fishing Hats and Gear for Saltwater and Freshwater! 10% Off Orders Over $65! (Coupon Code: 10OffFish) Click here!

* Specialize in BIG SIZES too! 3XL, 4XL and even 5XL
* No Keyword Restrictions
* Keywords: FishHeadGear.com, Fish Head Gear, FishHead Gear, fishing apparel, fishing clothing, fishing t-shirts, fishing hat, fishing gifts, fishing caps, fishing shirts, tackle, fishing clothes, fish gifts, fish hats, fishing supplies, fishing tackle, fishing hats, fishing tee shirts, fishing shirt

For more information contact:

Stephanie Sorrels
Affiliate Manager for FishHeadGear.com
[email protected]

Pet Superstore Launches New Pet Affiliate Programs on Commission Junction and ShareASale

6:14 pm   -   November 27th, 2006

CheapPetStore.com, the online pet superstore selling the world’s largest variety of pet products, is now offering the pet industry’s most aggressive payout affiliate program.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) November 23, 2006 — Houston, TX based internet pet superstore, Cheap Pet Store, Inc., has launched their new pet affiliate program for website managers: http://www.cheappetstore.com/affiliate/. Through one of two participating affiliate network programs — Shareasale and Commission Junction — webmasters can become a CheapPetStore.com marketing affiliate and begin earning double digit commissions immediately. The pet superstore’s new pet affiliate program coincides with the recent launch of its new website along with a new, targeted marketing campaign.


Jangro Blog on ShareASale ThinkTank

3:39 pm   -   November 7th, 2006

Brian Littleton of ShareASale hosted a unique event, dubbed the ThinkTank, this past weekend, bringing a small group of merchants and affiliates together in Las Vegas for networking and feedback. In stark contrast to the bigger affiliate industry’s client events like CJU and the Linkshare Symposium, this was an intimate gathering of a few dozen affiliates and merchants. It provided the unique opportunity to meet and converse with each and every attendee.

Merchants each had 45 minutes to pitch their program to an audience of top performing affiliates who then received some honest feedback about their sites and affiliate programs. In return, they got the spotlight and hopefully some new affiliates to promote their programs.

For more, go here:


ShareASale Adds SteakBrands.com to Affiliate Advertising Lineup

12:59 pm   -   November 3rd, 2006

SteakBrands.com offers a unique gift for any BBQ fanatic. We offer the internets largest selection of steak branding irons. We offer 41 division 1 NCAA schools, personalized branding irons, western themes, a variety of novelty branding irons, and many more. Our branding irons are used for branding meat, wood, leather, etc. With the holidays approaching people are looking for ‘unique’ gifts and steak branding irons are perfect because the HPBA says 76 percent of households own a barbecue grill.

SteakBrands.com Inc. has teamed up with ShareASale to offer a simple affiliate signup process, so that you can begin earning commission payments from your website as soon as possible.

PLEASE READ: We’ve implemented the ‘Phone Tracking’ code to ensure the integrity of our program. This will ensure that all phone orders are tracked as well. Our phone number on displays on two pages and we always encourage callers to place orders online to avoid typos or any other sort of mistakes.

* No inventory to store.
* 15% Payout on all sales.
* Cookies stored for 120 days.
* Huge selection of products.
* Tremendous conversion rate!

New press release, click here.

ShareASale Newsletter with HealthINAMinute, USA Mortgage Finder and Cafe Belmondo Offers

11:47 pm   -   November 2nd, 2006

Health in a Minute – $3.90 CPL

HealthInAMinute.com is designed to make shopping for Health Insurance fast and easy. Designed especially for the self-employed, HealthInAMinute.com matches consumers to insurance agents who represent top-rated Health Insurance companies. This is the shortest Health Insurance form available and pays when the first page is submitted. Landing page has been tested and tweaked to reach 25%+ conversions. High $3.90 CPL!

USA Mortgage Finder – $19 CPA

Give your users a mortgage offer they actually want. Quotes without obligation for all types of credit. One page super-fast application. This offer has a great conversion rate. $19 CPA!

Caf̩ Belmondo Р$18 CPA

Café Belmondo coffee is top quality Artisan roasted coffee for coffee drinkers that have the finest taste. The offer is for a 12 cup programmable coffee brewer, free gourmet Biscotti, two bags of coffee and free shipping and handling, all for $9.95. Earn an $18 CPA on this high converting offer.

Wonderfulbuys.com at Shareasale.com Affiliate Newsletter for 09.07.06

10:09 pm   -   September 7th, 2006

Dear Affiliates….

We have a BIG Friday Sale, along with some brand new One Day Sales too. Also, there are new product additions & removals to Wonderfulbuys.

So, let’s get started! And for more info on the Friday Sale, head on over to http://wonderfulbuys.com/FridaySale.asp

As always, thank you kindly. Take care, and have a great weekend.

[email protected]
[email protected] (MSN Messenger)


Ab Slim Pro with FREE Bonus Sauna Belt

Buxton Wallet

Band Flex Gym

Nad’s Gel Kit for Men

White Light Teeth Whitener

6 Week Body Makeover

Faraday Flashlight

Chia Bart

Talking Toilet Paper

Amazing Vest Massager

Magic Heat Packs
REGULAR PRICE: $14.99 (Large), $9.99 (Small) FRIDAY SALE PRICE: $9.99 (Large), $4.99 (Small)
SAVINGS: 33% (Large), 50% (Small)

Size & Shape Bra (Size A, B, C)

Rite Stitch Sewing Machine

Moving Men Furniture Sliders (Only available for the Friday Sale) REGULAR PRICE: $9.99 FRIDAY SALE PRICE: $4.99

The Best of Red Skelton on DVD (Only available for the Friday Sale) REGULAR PRICE: $49.99 FRIDAY SALE PRICE: $4.99


DATE: Tuesday, September 12
PRODUCTS: 7 Great Products for You to Choose From ONE DAY SALE PRICE: $4.99 for each product


1. Buxton Wallet (Regular price $14.99, One Day Savings 66%) http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=39315&u=XXXXXX&m=8305&urllink=&afftrack=

2. Ab Sonic (Regular price $9.99, One Day Savings 50%) http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=39235&u=XXXXXX&m=8305&urllink=&afftrack=

3. IGIA Instant Cover (Regular price $19.99, One Day Savings 75%) http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=39530&u=XXXXXX&m=8305&urllink=&afftrack=

4. OWL Optical Wallet Light (Regular price $9.99, One Day Savings 50%) http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=39835&u=XXXXXX&m=8305&urllink=&afftrack=

5. Deluxe Gopher Pick-Up & Reaching Tool (Regular price $11.99, One Day Savings 59%) http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=39390&u=XXXXXX&m=8305&urllink=&afftrack=

6. Just-a-Trim (Regular price $9.99, One Day Savings 50%) http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=47594&u=XXXXXX&m=8305&urllink=&afftrack=

7. Rite Stitch Mini (Regular price $9.99, One Day Savings 50%) http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=58464&u=XXXXXX&m=8305&urllink=&afftrack=

DATE: Tuesday, September 19
PRODUCT: Lateral Thigh Stepper

DATE: Tuesday, September 26
PRODUCT: True Ceramic Pro


Auto Air Flow

One Touch Can Opener

Hot Dog Maker Truck with Bun Warmer


Non-Contact Thermometer
Cold Heat
Speedy Cut Electric Scissors
GLH Hair Spray Silver Black
IGIA Euro Shaver
Koolatron 12V Battery Saver
Phase 4 Peppermint Lotion

This message was sent by one of
your Merchant Partners, Wonderfulbuys.com, at www.shareasale.com.

If you do not wish to receive email from this Merchant, please remove yourself from their Affiliate Program.


Fila.com Affiliate Program at ShareASale

11:40 pm   -   July 10th, 2006

Fila Online, Inc.
Program Status: Online
Sale Commission: 10.00 %
Tracking Cookie lasts for 30 Days after the initial clickthru.
Campaign Start Date: 18-Nov-05
Auto-Approval of Affiliates: No

Merchant provided description:
Get in on the ground floor with Fila, one of the world’s leading footwear and apparel companies. We’ve recently relaunched the brand and the fila.com website, and feature beautiful Italian-designed products for women and men. Our affiliate program offers 10% commissions for sales on http://shop.fila.com. Our average order size is around $100 and growing. We look forward to working with strong affiliates that will portray Fila in a high-end manner consistent with our brand image.

Merchant provided Terms of Agreement:
Program Agreement This Program Agreement contains the complete terms and conditions that apply to your participation as an Affiliate of shop.fila.com, and the establishment of links from your website to our website. By submitting an application to join fila.com’s Affiliate Network, you confirm that you have read this Program Agreement and have agreed to be bound by its terms and conditions. Program Agreement Definitions “Fila” – Fila Online, Inc., a Delaware corporation, headquartered at 1 Fila Way, Sparks, 21152 USA. “Affiliate” – the business, individual or entity that displays Fila’s products, services and/or promotions on its website in exchange for receiving renumeration from Fila for sales resulting from such display. 1. Fila Affiliate Sales Program Affiliate agrees to display Fila products, services and/or promotions (“Products”) on its website with links to shop.fila.com pursuant to the terms of this Agreement and Affiliate will receive compensation for such display as set forth herein. 2. Representatives and Warranties Affiliate represents and warrants that: a. Affiliate conducts business via the internet. b. Affiliate is not a manufacturer of footwear, apparel or accessories products. 3. Affiliate Commissions. Commission Structure Fila shall compensate Affiliate a 10% commission on Qualified Sales based upon the Net Invoice Price of Products. Sales must occur within 30 days from the date the click-through is initiated. b. Net Invoice Price For purposes of this Agreement “Net Invoice Price” shall be the total billing to the user less promotional discounts, sales tax, duties, shipping, handling, insurance, gift wrapping and similar charges. Fila shall chargeback Affiliate’s commission account for returned Product, credit card fraud and amounts remaining unpaid by user. Such chargebacks shall be deducted from future commission payments. c. Qualified Sales For purposes of this Agreement “Qualified Sales” shall mean sales of Product via the shop.fila.com website to users of Affiliate’s website who purchase Product by utilizing the link between the Affiliate website and the shop.fila.com website. Qualified Sales are limited to sales tracked by shareasale.com’s system from the time the link is initiated through the time of sale and excludes: (1) sales which cannot be tracked by shareasale.com’s system, (2) sales where the user links through Affiliate’s website but then utilizes another Affiliate’s link to Fila’s website prior to sale and (3) sales which are not consummated by 11:59 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. d. Commission Payments Commissions shall accrue upon Fila’s receipt of payment for Product sales. e. Modification of Commission Structure Fila reserves the right to modify the Commission structure at any time upon notice to Affiliate. Commissions earned prior to such notice shall not be affected by such modification. f. Commission Reports adidas shall track the Qualifying Sales and will make commission reports available to Affiliate on BeFree’s website. adidas may vary the form and content of the reports from time to time. The reports will be updated on a regular basis, which in no event shall be less than quarterly. 4. Order Processing and Fulfillment Fila shall process orders for Products but reserves the right to reject orders that do not meet Fila requirements. Affiliate shall not accept orders for Product. Fila is solely responsible for Product order processing and fulfillment. Order information, including customer information, is considered confidential and will not be provided to Affiliate. 5. Trademarks Other than the right to display the Fila trademarks, names and logos (“Fila Trademarks”) on Affiliate’s internet site in the manner prescribed by Fila, Affiliate shall have no right to otherwise utilize or display Fila Trademarks without Fila’s prior written approval. Fila shall have no right to utilize or display Affiliate Trademarks without Affiliate’s prior written approval. 6. Indemnification Each party is solely responsible for the development, operation, maintenance and content of their website and each party hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the other party from all liability, claims, suits, damages and expenses, including without limitation, attorney’s fees, arising from the development, operation, maintenance and content of each party’s website. 7. Assignment The rights and obligations set forth in this Agreement may not be assigned by either party and any attempted assignment shall be void. 8. Limitation of Liability Neither party shall be liable to the other for special, consequential, indirect or incidental damages, including loss of profits or loss of business in connection with any claimed breach or violation of this Agreement or violation of any duty owed to the other arising from this Agreement. Neither party shall be liable to the other by reason of the termination, expiration or non-renewal of this Agreement for indemnities, reimbursement or damages on account of unjust enrichment, loss of clientele or business, or loss of prospective profits or compensation on anticipated sales. 9. Nonwaiver The failure on the part of either party to exercise any right hereunder shall not constitute a waiver of any such right. 10. Previous Agreements Superseded This Agreement expresses the entire understanding between the parties and cancels and supersedes any previous contracts, arrangements or understanding between the parties relative to the subject matter hereof. 11. Amendments, Revisions, Extensions No agreement or understanding amending, revising or otherwise changing the terms and conditions hereof, or extending the term hereof, shall be binding unless in writing and signed for each party by a duly-authorized representative. Any such written amendment, revision, extension or other change in this Agreement shall be binding on the parties notwithstanding any lack of a separate legal consideration therefore. 12. Separability Provision Should any provision of this Agreement in any way violate or contravene any law or regulation of any jurisdiction, such provision shall be deemed not to be a part of this Agreement in regard to activities conducted hereunder within such jurisdiction, but the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. 13. Notices Any notice under this Agreement shall be deemed to have been sufficiently given when, if given to Fila, it is addressed to: Fila Online, Inc. Attn: General Manager 1 Fila Way Sparks, MD 21152 and when, if given to Affiliate, it is addressed to the contact identified in the online affiliate application and sent by courier, registered or certified mail. The date of mailing shall be deemed to be the date on which such notice has been given. Each party shall give prompt written notice to the other party of any change in its address or corporate name and, after notice of such change has been given, any notice to it by the other party shall be addressed in accordance with that change. 15. Governing Law/Venue This Agreement is executed and delivered within the state of Maryland, and its construction, interpretation and performance shall be governed by the laws of the state of Maryland. Each party to this Agreement consents to exclusive venue for any dispute arising under this Agreement to be a court located in Baltimore County, Maryland. Each party to this Agreement acknowledges personal jurisdiction over such entity by any court located in Baltimore County, Maryland. 16. Confidentiality Affiliate and Fila shall keep confidential all information disclosed by the other concerning this Agreement and shall not divulge such information to any third parties. These obligations will survive termination of this Agreement. Upon termination of this Agreement each party shall, upon the other’s written request, return to the requesting party any such information, deemed by the requesting party to be confidential or proprietary. 17. Term This Agreement shall remain in effect until terminated by either party, with or without cause, upon 30 days prior written notice to the other party. Fila shall have the right to immediately terminate this Agreement if Fila determines, in its sole discretion that Affiliate’s actions or website are inconsistent with Fila’s e-commerce strategy for any reason, including, but not limited to, the following: a. Affiliate’s internet site uses images or content that are unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, discriminatory, or otherwise objectionable; b. Affiliate’s domain name contains the words “Fila” or any variation or misspelling thereof; c. Affiliate bids against or outbids Fila for the placement of the following Keywords or search terms within any third party search engine or portal, including, but not limited to, AOL.com, Yahoo.com, MSN.com, Google.com, netscape.com, excite.com, overture.com, ask.com, looksmart.com, findwhat.com, inktomi.com, lycos.com, metacrawler.com and altavista.com. Keywords: Fila, fila.com, www.fila.com, www fila com, shop.fila.com, shop fila com, Filativa or filativa.com. d. Affiliate implements direct linking from any purchased keywords or search terms to the www.fila.com or shop.fila.com websites. Affiliates should not utilize www.fila.com or shop.fila.com as their display URL in any search campaign (sponsored or otherwise). e. Affiliate automatically redirects the customer to the Fila website by execution of an affiliate link. Any method that automatically plants an affiliate cookie is strictly prohibited. f. Affiliate uses any of the above mentioned Keywords or misspelling thereof in meta tags, hidden text, source code, HTML/XHTML/DHTML/XML tags, including, but not limited to, page titles, or HTML comment tags. g. Affiliate engages in any email activity that is not in accordance with the U.S. federal Can Spam Act of 2003. h. Affiliate employs any technology including, but not limited to, toolbars, pop-ups, pop-unders and pop-overs, to serve messages to shoppers on our Site when the shopper has not directly linked from the affiliate’s site. i. Affiliate employs any technology including, but not limited to, toolbars, pop-ups, pop-unders and pop-overs, to serve messages to shoppers on our Site or another affiliate’s or merchant’s website, designed to divert them or pull them away from the Website he/she is currently shopping.

TennisHut.com Affiliate Program at ShareASale

11:37 pm   -   July 10th, 2006

Program Status: Online
Sale Commission: 10.00 %
Tracking Cookie lasts for 365 Days after the initial clickthru.
Campaign Start Date: 01-Apr-04
Auto-Approval of Affiliates: Yes

Merchant provided description:

Program Highlights:

Earn 10% per sale commission (on S&H and taxes included)- our average sales ticket for the first half of March 2004 was $160.
Although our niche is tennis wear/accessories, we now offer more than three dozen colors and styles of Warm Up Suits for adults and kids. This is a fabulous product that appeals to a very broad audience, and propelled our decision to join this affiliate marketing program.

We track phone orders and pay commission on all referred phone sales.
Earn commission on products purchased for you, family and/or friends.
We offer a 365 day return cookie, so you can take advantage of our high volume of repeat customer orders.
We have a large collection of banner ads, plus we will make custom-size or product-specific banners or text ads for you. If you don’t see what you need, please e-mail [email protected] with your request.
We adhere to a strict no-parasite policy and do not tolerate cookie-stealing.
We are a reliable online merchant with secure ordering, offering quality unique tennis apparel and accessories with outstanding customer service – your website viewers and e-mail recipients will be glad you referred them to us!

We will not partner with sites promoting illegal activity or content, or that is a hate group.
We will not partner with sites that feature nudity, pornography or sex-related merchandise.
We will not partner with sites that link to any of the above.
We don’t tolerate parasites or spammers.

Becoming an Affiliate Partner:
Membership applications are reviewed by our staff for acceptance, and you will typically receive an e-mail response from us within 48 hours from the time you confirm your application.
We’re looking for affiliate partners with quality newsletters and/or website design, and top-level domains are most desirable.
We’re looking for a good demographic fit for our TennisHut products.

We at TennisHut.com would love to partner with you! Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions about our participation in Shareasale’s affiliate marketing program at [email protected].

TennisHut.com Owner and Affiliate Manager
Tennis Wear from Head to Toe!
3855 Donaldson Crossroads
McMurray, PA 15317
[email protected]
Ph 800-317-1890

HipsandCurves.com Affiliate Program at ShareASale

11:35 pm   -   July 10th, 2006

Hips and Curves.com

Program Status: Online
Sale Commission: 10.00 %
Tracking Cookie lasts for 30 Days after the initial clickthru.
Campaign Start Date: 01-Sep-01
Auto-Approval of Affiliates: No
Last Compliance Test Completed: 07/10/2006 06:59.00 PM

Hips and Curves.com
ID: 918 Active on: 09/01/2001 10%
Per Sale

Statistics are network-wide, and should be used as reference and not exact indications of performance.

Merchant provided description:
Our Hips and Curves.com affiliate program is a fun and easy way to make money from your web site. Our plus size lingerie store is tasteful, classy and sexy and designed exclusively for large and lovely women and their admirers. You’ll be promoting a positive body image and offering a valuable resource for women who wear a size 14 and above. Our average sale is $125.00. Add our link to your site and start earning commissions today! We look forward to having you as one of our affiliates. Hips and Curves.com offers hundreds of sexy plus size lingerie styles from elegant lace to exotic leather. Plus size bustiers, bodystockings, high heels, mini-skirts and dresses, leather lingerie, corsets, fishnet stockings, seamed stockings, fantasy wear, garter belts, bras, panties, long gowns, short nighties, French maid, sexy school girl, naughty nurse and more…everything you need to indulge your full-figured fantasies and celebrate your voluptuous body – or your partner’s!