25th Anniversary Deals Going Down at The-House.com and ProBoardShop.com

6:49 pm   -   September 5th, 2007

St. Paul, MN
August 31st, 2007

The-House.com and Proboardshop.com are celebrating their 25th anniversary with great customer deals and opportunities for affiliates.

The-House.com and its sibling ProBoardShop.com are saying thank you to their affiliates and customers. “We are so thankful for our partnership with our many affiliates that we wanted to give a little something back for our 25th anniversary” said Michael Schaeffer, Affiliate Manager. Affiliates of The-House.com and Proboardshop.com in the AvantLink network will now be able to refer sales on a 365 day cookie- the longest cookie available to affiliates of any outdoor and sports companies. “We want our affiliates to take advantage of this deal before our busy season starts.”

As an added bonus, both The-House.com and ProBoardShop.com will have a 25th anniversary coupon promo exclusive to their affiliates. From September 5th, 2007- September 11th, 2007, customers who enter coupon code “House25” or “PBS25” in the respective cart of The-House.com and ProBoardShop.com will receive an extra 10% storewide discount. This can mean up to a 70% savings on snowboard gear, apparel and skate shoes, including all 2008 products! Savings on popular brand name snowboard gear include Burton, Capita, Nitro, Volcom, Roxy, Rome snowboards, DC, Adidas, K2, and Ride snowboards.

In order to keep up with demand, The-House.com had to add an additional 15,000 sq. feet to it’s retail and warehouse space for the upcoming winter season. This addition increases total warehouse space to over 120 thousand sq. feet, full of snowboards, boots, bindings, apparel, skate shoes, wakeboards, and skateboard gear. All ready to ship worldwide within 24 hours.

Affiliates can find more information about our outdoor affiliate program here for The-House.com and ProBoardShop.com.

The-House.com Affiliate Program joins AvantLink

7:16 pm   -   September 6th, 2006

We are pleased to announce the addition of The House Boardshop to AvantLink! The House has been in the business of providing quality board products and apparel to riders worldwide for over 25 years. The House is family owned and run, and they ride what they sell. As an Affiliate, this program has some big time potential for you. Take a few minutes to check out what The House Boardshop has to offer and we’re confident you’ll see the value of this opportunity.

Based in St.Paul, Minnesota, The House Boardshop fulfills orders from their 80,000 square foot warehouse loaded with hundreds of thousands of high-converting brand-name boardsport products including snowboards, skateboards and wakeboards. They also sell popular brand name lifestyle clothing and footwear from companies like Volcom, Vans, Reef, and Dakine. Payouts are top-notch for the outdoor vertical with a baseline of 8%, and the potential to earn up to 13% per sale! In addition, The House Boardshop also offers a 120-day cookie and dedicated program management.

Start getting links for The House Boardshop added to your sites today, and you’ll see marked benefits from this partnership in Q4 and beyond. You can sign-up for this program by following these simple steps:

* Login to your Affiliate account
* Select ‘Merchants’ from the main menu
* Locate ‘The House’ in the merchant list
* Click their detail page and then ‘Apply to this Program’

Let us know what we can do to help you get started promoting The House Boardshop. Feel free to contact anyone at AvantLink or the The House Boardshop AM Michael Schaeffer, [email protected].



The-House.com Affiliate Marketing Terms and Conditions

10:04 pm   -   September 5th, 2006

Here are some key rules you will need to follow as an affiliate:
Protected Keywords:
We prohibit the use of our company name and any misspelling or variations thereof, including but not limited to: The-house.com, The-house, the-house.com, the-house, house.com, the house store, the house boardshop, and house.

Recommended Keywords:
Snowboards, Snowboarding, Snowboarding Gear, Snowboard Equipment, Snowboarding, Skateboards, Skateboarding, Wakeboard, Wakeboarding, Windsurf, Windsurfing, Skate Shoes, Skateboard Shoes, Sneakers… and the list goes on and on. Contact [email protected] for more keywords to help you sell more and earn more commissions!

Pay Per Click Bidding:
The-House.com is the premier online dealer for the top snowboard, wakeboard, skateboard, and windsurfing gear manufacturers. We are able to carry the best brands in these sports because our website exceeds these companies’ standards for brand representation and accurate marketing. While we allow PPC bidding, when bidding on Pay Per Click Search Engines, Publishers may not bid on The-house.com, misspellings or variations of our trademarked company name in pay per click search engines. All publisher links must go to a publisher owned URL and may not go directly to The-house. If you have any questions about our keyword bidding policies, appropriate ad text or any aspect of our program, please contact Mike Schaeffer at [email protected]

Brand Representation
Publishers may not represent themselves as The-House.com, or as a dealer for any of the brands we carry. They must have a unique URL that does not contain The-House.com, trademarked brand names or any misspellings or variations of our name or trademarked names. Publishers may not serve any House products through their shopping cart.

Pop-Up, Pop-Under, Re-Directs and Software
Publishers may not use site re-directs, pop-ups or pop-unders that link to our site. We do not allow publishers to use customer downloaded programs of any type to promote The-House.com. Using software of any kind to promote The-House.com products is strictly prohibited.

Publishers may use The-House.com content (including but not limited to reviews, copy, and images) exclusively to promote The-House.com sites. Because our content is produced entirely in-house, Publishers may not utilize The-House.com content on any page that promotes any other company.

Because we are extremely cautious with our brand and the brands we represent we ask that publishers adhere closely to these requirements. We have a long-standing reputation of supporting our publishers, and are here to help our publishers achieve success. Please call upon us for any assistance. Our Affiliate Team Representative is Mike Schaeffer. Mike may be contacted via telephone at 800-992-7245-255 or via email at [email protected].

General Information
Affiliate Marketing is a type of internet marketing that allows websites to share traffic and revenue using banner, text, product or content advertisements. Merchants who sell goods and services online pay commissions to site owners (Affiliates) for referring sales or leads. The-house.com Affiliate program is non-exclusive.

The-house.com Affiliates may be an individual or a formal business. Upon registration, individuals will be required to enter their Social Security Number. Businesses will be required to enter a Tax ID number.

Anyone with a functional, clean and content-rich website is eligible to be an affiliate. Your website does not need to be all about board sports, although it is preferred. E-mail marketing must be targeted to an established voluntary list collected through your user base and not purchased.

All sales tracking is handled through the Commission Junction Marketplace. Visit the CJ FAQ for more information. The-house.com Affiliate program is free. There are no fees of any kind. Join now and start earning money today! Commissions for sales will be paid out the following month… In order to receive a check from Commission Junction, your balance must be at least $25. Checks may be mailed or directly deposited to your bank account.

PPC Campaigns are permitted, however; do to recent policy changes with Google, publishers must first land users on their site before pushing through to The-house.com. The display URL may not be www.the-house.com or any variation or misspelling thereof, such as www.the-house.com/snbd-ride.html . These kinds of activities are strictly prohibited.

All The-house.com Affiliates must have a functional website that meets our acceptance criteria.

Follow these four steps to become a The-house.com affiliate and start earning money:

Go to CJ.com. Read the Affiliate Agreement and then click the JOIN NOW button which will take you to our co-branded Affiliate Application with Commission Junction.
Commission Junction will notify you by email once you’ve been approved, and will provide you with your login and password.
Go to the The-house.com section of Commission Junction, start downloading banner and text links and add them to your site.
Earn some of the top commissions in the industry as a The-house.com affiliate!

Affiliates have access to a wide variety of site content and images to use for marketing on our behalf. Affiliates may use any product image by right-clicking on a graphic on our site, and then selecting ‘Properties’. Once in you are viewing the image properties, you will see the image URL. Simply copy that URL and paste into your site. Content is also available in the form of detailed descriptions and customer reviews. This content may be accessed through by manually grabbing from our site. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to email us if you have questions on how to create more specific linking options. Please email us if you would like information and a template for building specific product links.

There are several banner links available through CJ that highlight our sales and promotions. It’s very important to review links on regular basis to be sure they reflect accurately the time of year, etc. The more up-to-date your links are the higher your conversion will be.

We update new banners regularly to reflect seasonal activities and special or ongoing promotions. There are also several cross-seasonal/activity banners that may be found at any time of the year.

The-House.com Affiliate Program on Commission Junction

9:13 pm   -   September 5th, 2006

URL: http://www.the-house.com
Currency: USD United States Dollar

Joined Network: 18-Sep-2001

Category: Sports

Description: Become a House Affiliate and earn extra cash! The-House.com is the premier online boardshop – the best place to get the hook up on snowboards, boots, bindings, skateboards, wind surfing gear, wakeboarding, skate shoes, clothing, and accessories.

By joining the-house.com affiliate program, your website will be associated with the most recognizable and respected name in the board industry. Your website will make between 8%-13% commission on orders shipped through your referrals. Your first sales will earn a commission of 8%, but as your sales accumulate over the month, performance incentives will allow you to make up to 13%. The more sales generated by your referrals, the more bread in your pocket. By helping your customers find the best prices on the boards, boots, bindings, and gear they are looking for, you can generate extra revenue.

The House has hundreds of thousands of products in over 80,000 square feet of warehouse space and ready to ship within 24 hours. Every one of us at The House ride what we sell! When you team up with The House, you are joining up with The Best!

We carry the best brands in the boarding industry, and these vendors expect us to partner with professional publishers who will accurately represent their brand names. Please read our guidelines before applying:

1. Your website must be live at the time of application.

2. If accepted you agree not to use the house, the-house.com or any misspellings or variations in your domain names.

3. If accepted you will not buy or bid on any the-house.com trademarked company names or misspellings or variations on any pay-for-placement search engines.

We recommend that every affiliate OPT IN to receive our emails about our current best sellers and promotions.

This program can also be found at AvantLink