Exciting Battery Replacement Services Introduced for the Ubiquitous 2nd Generation iPod nano

4:35 pm   -   August 11th, 2008

Milliamp LTD, the internet repair shop that gives iPods and iPhones more life by offering replacement iPod batteries and also iPod chargers, announces a brand-new battery changing offering for the second generation iPod nano.

“This sort of offering is necessary, because the majority of nano owners don’t have the tools and know-how required to change the battery in their second generation iPod nano.”, said Mr. Anthony Magnabosco, who is the founder of the website ipodjuice.com.

What makes the second gen ipod nano battery.so difficult to replace? Well for starters, the unit is extremely small and thin – WAY thinner than an iPod mini, which it is many times mixed up with. It also has tiny white end caps on both ends of the device that need to be gingerly pulled out – pull too forcefully and you might break your headphone connection and ScrollWheel. When that is done, small screws have to be located and gingerly taken out. And finally, the worn out iPod nano battery that was installed at the factory must be de-soldered and removed, and the new battery must be soldered in its place.

“The intricacy of this certain battery changing process practically makes it necessary that you send your second gen iPod nano to a specialist.”, added Magnabosco.

The good feature about this second generation iPod nano battery replacement offering is that you are returned your same iPod nano back – not a refurbished device that you may get back from Apple. Plus, the process with the ipodjuice.com website is much quicker: new iPod nano batteries are nearly always put in the same day the devices arrive, where you could wait weeks by mailing it to the kind folks in Cupertino. Lastly, and possibly most importantly, the price of the battery replacement service provided by Milliamp LTD is less than Apple’s fees.

The ipodjuice.com website is full of enthusiastic testimonials from real folks who have either bought a kit and done the battery change by themselves or sent in their unit for service.

“When you take everything into consideration, our ipod nano repair and battery replacement service for worn out second generation Apple iPod nano batteries is the smarter alternative.”, continued Magnabosco.

The San Antonio-based repair shop has been offering iPod battery kits for three years and counting, and employs the best iPod repair and iPhone repair specialists in the U.S.. So even if you don’t have this certain iPod nano model, you might still find a use for their battery replacement services.