YOOX.COM, LinkShare Corporation Announce Affiliate Marketing Partnership

1:27 am   -   November 1st, 2006

LinkShare Corporation and YOOX.COM Announce International Performance-Based Marketing Partnership

NEW YORK, October 31 /PRNewswire/ —

– New Partnership Will Emphasize Expansion in United States, Japan and UK

LinkShare Corporation, a leader in global performance-based marketing solutions, and YOOX.COM, global e-tailer of multi-brand fashion & design, today announced an international performance-based marketing partnership in the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom.

The new partnership will provide YOOX.COM with access to LinkShare’s international platform, technology tools and industry mindshare to assist YOOX.COM in acquiring new customers, increasing revenues and driving measurable business results for the company’s e-commerce efforts.

“The partnership between LinkShare and YOOX.COM represents true global collaboration in performance marketing. LinkShare brings to YOOX.COM, increased international reach and a wealth of experience working with many of the Internet’s top merchants, and YOOX.COM, in turn brings to LinkShare an innovative brand that will thrive with increased visibility,” said Stephen R. Denton, President of LinkShare Corporation.

“YOOX.COM has already delivered more than one million items to its customers across the globe this year,” noted Massimiliano Benedetti, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing for YOOX.COM. “LinkShare Corporation offers YOOX.COM its expertise in performance-based marketing. Together we will build our international network and extend our continued success globally.”

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