Want to Know How Drive up Sales with Great Dad’s Day Gifts: The ROKU Digital Video Player

6:52 pm   -   June 16th, 2009

Know anyone still shopping for a great gift for Dear Old Dad? 

Get the word out: on MSNBC’s Today Show or CBS’s The Early Show this morning, the ROKU Digital Video Player was touted as one of the best finds for gear-crazy dads. 

“It’s genius!” said gift expert Evette Rios on the Today Show after demonstrating how the ROKU Digital Video Player streams high quality movies from Netflix and Amazon Video On Demand directly from the Internet to your TV.  Within minutes of setting up the small black box, viewers can download content from thousands of movies and television episodes with an inexpensive movie subscription to Netflix or with Amazon Video on Demand pay-per-view services.  And with the ROKU, viewers can rewind, pause, and play movies like an ordinary DVD player.

Featured as a fantastic find for under $100 on both morning shows, the ROKU is tops on the list of great gifts for Pops.  So spread the word in time for Father’s Day—and spur your affiliate sales—with the easy-to-use ROKU Digital Video Player

Roku.com- Affiliate Facts:
$99 Average Order Size, 6.7% Conversion Rate

You’ve already read about it in the news.

The Roku player is Netflix Members’ #1 Streaming Device

And now you can join the revolution in home entertainment as an affiliate for Roku.com.

The Roku digital video player (also known as the Netflix Player by Roku) instantly streams 50,000+ high quality movies & TV episodes from Netflix and Amazon Video On Demand over the Internet—directly to your TV. Within seconds, viewers can choose and instantly watch from thousands of movies and TV episodes. No download required! 

Affiliate Program Details:

  • 5% Affiliate Payout

  • $99 Average Order Size

  • 6.7% Conversion Rate

  • Affiliate may never use the URL www.roku.com or variations of it in its destination URL of their PPC campaign. Affiliates may not bid on  Roku brand keywords.

  • Affiliate are required to land PPC traffic on their own URL first.

  • Affiliates may use the brand Roku in their ad text/description

  • Affiliates may not copy or directly mimic the ad copy being used by Roku for its own PPC campaigns, using only original content they create.

To join the Roku.com affiliate program, sign up at Google Affiliate Network.

For more information contact:
Stephanie Sorrels – Affiliate Manger for Roku.com
roku [at] eaccountable.com

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