7:36 pm   -   March 12th, 2009
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SCOTTSDALE, AZ: FULL TIME (no outside consultants please)
eCommerce Product Sourcing and Product Marketing Manager: Supply Chain Management


ActiveForeverTM represents:

  • One of the highest rated web businesses of its kind in the country
  • A national print product catalog & print materials business
  • An interactive retail showroom business (Scottsdale and Peoria AZ)
  • A national distribution center,
  • Consists of collaborative, energetic, very smart and positive team members
  • Extraordinary fast growth and entrepreneurial company

clip_image005Experience Required! We would like the eCommerce Product Sourcing and Product Marketing Manager to have a great ability to leverage creative search technology skills and analytic skills to surface ideal procurement opportunities (source product lines) in both traditional and non-traditional fashions.

clip_image005To win over the trust and confidence of the suppliers in an effort to encourage exclusive sales and marketing relationships; leveraging and engaging all of AF’s divisions.,,

clip_image005[1] To identify ideal clients for in an effort to offer AF some proprietary product offering protections, to achieve higher profit margins and to creatively identify new revenue streams. (via product sales, service revenue and other non-product sales revenue).

clip_image005[2] Supply Chain Management Experience: To bring the experience of negotiating complex and thorough supplier agreements; to negotiate high volume/container purchases from the best choices of suppliers, and negotiate proprietary distribution contracts; also staying on top of all possible exposures/risks.

clip_image005[3]To stay on top of legacy products by performing online research and keeping pricing and supplier negotiations up to date to help achieve ongoing financial goals and utopia for our controller.

clip_image005[4]To continuously analyze and improve inventory turns, and demonstrate the ability to identify best choices of product lines, and juggle thousands of SKUs, with a goal of creating utopia for our controller.

clip_image005[5] To title and subtitle our products to optimize SEO and SEM: To gather as much information about how and where a product line should be promoted and sold. This also enables our social media and content development team to work on promoting the product line to convert sales effectively.

clip_image005[6]To identify and acquire co-op and other marketing dollars and rebates from suppliers, service and channel partners.

REQUIRED: This person needs to demonstrate technical acumen, profound eCommerce, search engine and analytic software experience to source only winning products early stage, and the ability to pick up complex concepts, to be forward thinking, creative and highly competitive! This is not an old fashioned procurement role!! Also, needs to be able to identify and acquire co-op and other marketing dollars.


DESIRED: Once a product line is acquired and profit margin goals are achieved, have a great ability to drive fully integrated marketing and sales strategies through every division of our company. Also, demonstrate interest in and ability to manage aspects of our pay per click advertising activities. !

Healthcare/Medical/Fitness market niche experience is a plus, but not required!

OVERALL CHARACTERISTICS: Cross departmental communication skills to all levels of employees is key. Our environment is very collaborative and interdependent. You will often be relied upon to offer advice/answers for team members. Show respect for team members and demonstrate passion and positive spirit.

The nature of the growth and success of ActiveForever is due to its ability to leverage technology expertise to catch trends and shift choices of activities as the market shifts, therefore, it’s important for whomever is in this role is extremely technically astute, identifies opportunities, accommodates and even helps set the course for the shifts!

This position requires creative thought as well as an interest in becoming deeply familiar with our customers and our marketplace.

A very professional and pleasant appearance is required due to the social aspect of this role with suppliers, sponsors and channel business partners.

Must demonstrate the ability to deliver on tasks as well as manage long term projects full lifecycle, fend off extraneous distractions, and help drive substantial sales without having to offer lowest price.

Opinions and brilliant ideas are ALWAYS encouraged. We have a very hard working team, so we require a great work ethic, and great sense of humor.


ActiveForeverTM discounts and wholesales product solutions to people of all ages (and pets) wanting to continue to live active, safe, healthy and productive lives.

Physical challenges could include sports injuries, disabilities, debilitating diseases, or simply the unfortunate effects of aging. We cater to individuals, their families, caregivers and healthcare professionals.

Activities should always reflect positively on:

· the integrity of ActiveForeverTM

· the high quality of ActiveForeverTM

· the innovative spirit of ActiveForeverTM

· the caring customer service of ActiveForeverTM

If you are someone who thrives in a very demanding and fast paced environment, please let us know!

ActiveForeverTM offers a very pro-health, anti-drug and non-smoking (pro-health!) environment. We run thorough background checks on all of our new hires.

Compensation DOE: $40-70,000/year + bonuses, ability to earn equity ownership, HSA Benefits +