Two New Fall Offers from SigningTime!

3:55 am   -   November 9th, 2010

SigningTime offers their award–winning DVDs to help you and your child learn basic American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary words. We developed a program that truly makes learning sign language easy, entertaining and fun for children of all ages!

Save 10% on Childcare & Preschool Starter Kit

When you sign with young children, you become a more effective teacher. It will bring an element of fun to the daily routines and lesson plans. Signs allow children to: tell you what they want without getting frustrated; express their feelings; tell you if they are hurt or sick; learn to get along with others.

In the Childcare & Preschool Starter Kit you will find a downloadable PDF Guide for educators. Also, you will find a set of five products that support signing in early childhood settings.

Save 10% Use Promo Code: ece10

Offer expires 11/30/10

We are proud to say that the Signing Time program has spread rapidly by word of mouth to all 50 states and over 20 countries. Signing Time is used widely by educators, pediatricians, home-schoolers, speech therapists, public schools, daycare centers, libraries, and families as the most fun and easy way to introduce children to sign language.

ANY time is Signing Time with our Flash Card Sets! Our 4-6 Flash Card set contains 3 American Sign Language Flash Card Sets consisting of:

*Set 4: Family, Feelings and Fun
*Set 5: ABC Signs
*Set 6: My Favorite Things

With Flash Card Sets it is easy and fun for you and your child to learn and practice ASL sign. It is the perfect complement to the Childcare and Preschool Kit.

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