Turn a “No" into a “Yes” as an IDoNowIDont.com Affiliate

12:18 am   -   September 10th, 2009

Don’t get left out in the cold.

IDoNowIDont.com—the on-line destination for selling and buying jewelry, diamond rings, and wedding dresses—has everyone talking, from Glen Beck of CNN to Rachel Ray, The New York Daily News to Good Morning America. And now you can join as an affiliate and turn a ”no” into a financial “yes!”

Save $$$ Thousands!  Where People Sell Unwanted Jewelry and Buyers Find Outstanding Prices!

After IDoNowIDont.com founder Josh Opperman broke off his engagement and needed to sell the engagement ring, he launched IDoNowIDont.com. He sold the ring at a far higher price than the jeweler offered. As the media buzz confirms, IDoNowIDont.com has found its niche: people sell unwanted items—from wedding and engagement rings to loose diamonds and watches—and customers find fantastic jewelry and more at outstanding prices. And unlike E-Bay, an independent GIA-trained gemologist checks every gemstone so that buyers get what they’re paying for.

With its user-friendly website, great bargains, and amazing range of items, you’ll soon find yourself saying “yes” to a bright financial future as an IDoNowIDont.com affiliate!

Affiliate Program Details:

· Supers Earn 4% Affiliate Payout (Regular Affiliates 3%)

· $2,000 Average Order Size

· 1% Conversion Rate

· Keyword Policies: Affiliates MAY bid on tradenames. Affiliates MAY use the tradenames in ads and may use the destination URL in the advertising links.

IDoNowIDont.com affiliate program is now available on PepperJam Network.


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