Top 10 Things I learned at CJU 2006 (Commission Junction University)

9:11 pm   -   September 20th, 2006

Top 10 Things I learned at CJU 2006 (Commission Junction University), by Durk Price

CJU was just completed in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. With over 750 affiliate merchant advertisers, affiliates and super-affiliates (plus about that many CJ and ValueClick employees) it was a tremendous opportunity to learn and network.

To follow are the Top 10 Things I Learned at CJU 2006:


1. PPC Affiliates do not kill Advertiser’s PPC programs. The best quote was from David M. Lewis of 77Blue ( “Advertisers make 100% of the transaction, Affiliates make 10%-15% of the transaction, so Affiliates can’t bid as high.” The net is that Affiliates deal in the margins of the PPC business looking for inefficiencies and special knowledge they have earned over the years to make money. PPC always enhances the Advertiser, since more sales are always good.

2. When at CJU- NETWORK like crazy. Everyone, I mean everyone was open and sharing. I think this comes from the fact that there is plenty of business out there and that sharing information leads to more business opportunities.

3. Dave Taylor is EVERYWHERE. Dave Taylor of fame was touted in a really good blog presentation from James Omdahl from ( Besides using really killer graphics from the GapingVoid blog (, James used Dave Taylor as his mentor example. Now you know why I have AskDaveTaylor on my blog roll.

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