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9:39 pm   -   July 5th, 2006

Two New Niche Stores Live!


We’ve literally just now launched our latest store additions within the AvantLink network. Two more focused Web shops from Smart Marketing, Inc.:, 12% payout

&, 12% payout

And let me tell you these stores CONVERT… and check this: One of Smart Marketing’s other stores currently in the AvantLink network pays out a flat 18%. What..!? How?? Because this particular site is dependant on its Affiliate marketing channel. NO other online marketing supports this effort. 1st one to guess which store this is (you have a 1 in 11 chance as of now with AvantLink ) gets one of those clapping avatar things from me on my next post.

Seriously, though.. Smart Marketing are a progressive bunch and we’re psyched to offer our Affiliates their diverse product lines. Please check out what these programs have to offer..

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