The RED Hot Video Revolution and Affiliate Marketing

4:17 pm   -   April 6th, 2007


34% of Broadband Users Download/View Streaming Video
Estimated 123.4M viewers of Internet video in 2007 – 65% will be male (eMarketer)

Video is the hot new thing, with 34% of broadband users downloading and viewing streaming video in 2006. Video Web sites are garnering more and more attention, and for publishers looking to get into the video space there are two choice options. First, you can go to the source. For example, placing ads at the end or beginning of videos hosted on a Web site is a great branding opportunity. A second opportunity to incorporate video is to use video advertisements – short clips actually demonstrating a product in use.

Think outside the box, banners and links don’t always need to be in the pre-role or post-role – they could be displayed on the actual player itself to gain more visibility. While not many advertisers have such ads available in the CJ Account Managerâ„¢, if this is something you are interested in incorporating reach out to each individual advertiser and see if they can provide you with video content. While video is still in its early stage, people realize it has huge potential, and for you it’s only a matter of realizing how to monetize it.