Spring Deals from ActiveForever.com

12:57 am   -   March 30th, 2011

ActiveForever.com has several great Spring deals to help our customers stay healthy and vital for many years. Be sure to check out the offers below.

At ActiveForever.com, we are a company that prides itself in offering guaranteed best pricing and identifying best choices of product solutions for practically every physical challenge. We service healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers, students, and the general public as our intended customers.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • 6% Regular Affiliate Payout

  • Average Order Size $120

  • Conversion Rate Over 7%

  • ActiveForever.com ships to all US locations, APO’s and Canada!
  • Keyword Policies: No bidding on tradenames: ActiveForever, Active Forever or ActiveForever.com. No use of the display URL "http://www.activeforever.com" in PPC advertising. Some of the merchandising arrangements Active Forever has precludes actively advertising the destination location of these special products.

ActiveForever.com affiliate program is available at Google Affiliate Network.

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