Biggest Sale of the Year!

4:24 am   -   October 8th, 2010

Now that Fall has officially arrived, it’s time for our biggest sale of the year. Beat the holiday rush and save 15% with our early bird special. Order now and you’ll enjoy a 15% discount on our entire line of bags and pillows until the end of October.

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Save 15% on our entire line of SnapTotes bags and pillows now through October 31, 2010! is a company that manufactures and markets an exciting product line that allows consumers to put their own photos or images on high quality stylish handbags. Every bag is custom produced. is not just about memories; it’s not just about what’s in your heart… It’s about carrying and sharing memories of those people and places that are important to you, your loved ones and friends. Affiliate Program Details:

* 12% Affiliate Payout
* Average Sale $100.
* Conversion Rate: 6%
* Cookie Duration 30 Days

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