Seattle Ski and Snowboard Gear Shop Wins People’s Pick Award

5:53 pm   -   July 3rd, 2007

Blitz marketing, corporate focus groups, pre-teen advertising—all the nauseating components that go into the branding of “cool,” the branding of success. Together, they can make it difficult to answer the question, ‘Which came first, the business or the lifestyle?’

But for Evo, the Seattle-based outdoor retailer/purveyor of lifestyle and all around artistic/creative steeze, the answer’s always been clear.

“We’ve never had to sit down and ask ‘Who are we? What is our brand?’” says Bryce Phillips, the founder of Evo, member of the K2 Factory Team, and slayer of Pacific Northwest powder. “You always have to evaluate the realness of a brand. It was always right in line with our own interests.”

Beating out competitors, like the giants over at REI, Evo won the 2007 NWsource People’s Pick in the coveted ‘Outdoor/Sports Gear Shop’ category. While earning the title was great news for Phillips and the rest of the Evo crew, with all the company’s recent success, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Evo was also ranked the 24th fastest growing company in Washington State by the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Six years ago when launched, the outfit resembled more of a tent sale than a legitimate business, dealing primarily in closeout hard goods online. Local lore has it that Phillips sold product out of the back of his truck after convincing curious customers on chairlifts throughout the PNW. Since the opening of its flagship store two years ago in Seattle’s urban hub and now more than 40 employees strong, Evo has been totally reinvented. While still dealing heavily in skis, snowboards and other hard goods, the brand has seamlessly integrated hip lifestyle components—fashion, music and art. In addition, many urban lifestyle brands surrounding skate, wake and ski/snowboard culture, has Evo continuously broadening its scope.

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