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2:05 am   -   December 10th, 2010

From invitations and decorations to making memories last a little longer, the eClips machine and eClips cartridges create unlimited possibilities! 

Sizzix award-winning artwork is now available electronically! The eclips Electronic Shape-Cutting Machine and Handheld Remote Control creates completely customizable shapes and letters to adorn almost anything. No computer required!

Getting new Sizzix artwork for your eclips machine is as easy as inserting a new cartridge! Preloaded with excellent features specially adapted for electronic shape-cutting – including cutting solids, shadows, borders, outlines, pieces and embellishments – the eclips Cartridge easily allows you to change your theme and your possibilities.

20% Off eClips machines and eClips cartridges
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The Start of Something You… sums up the unique Sizzix branding approach to consumers. With the popularity of scrapbooking and an amazing selection of award-winning shape-cutting machines and complementary die designs, Sizzix has empowered expression among creative-minded consumers for almost a decade. Innovations along the way have allowed for embossing, stamping and texturizing, as well as die-cutting everything from cardstock to fabric with revolutionary press-style and roller machines.

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