Affiliate Newsletter for September 2006

10:15 pm   -   September 7th, 2006

Rugman now has an updated data feed that includes 10,000 items! Download or sign up for our new data feed and take advantage of all the information it contains, such as high resolution images and a new custom field for knots per inch (KPSI). We hope the new and improved data feed helps you sell more Rugman products.

Additionally, we are updating our links to help your promotional efforts. Check our program links periodically as we update them to see the new and exciting links. If you have any suggestions for creative, feel free to let us know at [email protected].

Finally, I will be at CJU and look forward to meeting you there to discuss how we can work together to increase your commissions and Rugman sales. Please contact me to set up a time to meet at the event.

To your success,

Doug Gebhardt
Rugman.comAffiliate Manager
[email protected]

Top Performers

Rugman would like to help you become a top performer. We have all the tools that you need to successfully reach the top-performer status, such as custom keyword lists, high commission rates, an excellent product catalog, and updated creative. So don’t be shy, increase your promotional efforts now to become one of our top performers that we like to brag about!

Top Products

Make the most of the month. Promote these best sellers on your site. Visit the Get Links section of your Account Manager and run a product search for the item numbers below to get the HTML for these products.

These are our top-ten sellers:



Recommended Banner & Text Links

Make sure you’re updating your site. Below are a few recommended banners. Use these popular links on your site or visit the Account Manager to find some new banners to post on your site.