RingRevenue for Google Affiliate Network – Earn more with Pay-Per-Call

1:50 am   -   July 8th, 2010

We wanted you to be among the first to hear about an exciting new offering from Google Affiliate Network: Pay-Per-Call powered by RingRevenue. Pay-Per-Call is delivering impressive results to advertisers and publishers by tracking phone calls like clicks—allowing you to earn commissions from promoting high-value phone-based campaigns alongside your traditional online campaigns.

Here is the list of eAccountableOPM cleints who have signed on to offer high-commission Pay-Per-Call Campaigns.

* ActiveForever.com
* AffiliateReporting.com
* eFaucets.com (coming soon!)
* LightingCatalog.com (coming soon!)

How Pay-Per-Call works:

As a Publisher, you will finally earn commissions for driving phone-based traffic.  And, with phone-based campaigns, you can run campaigns for online, offline and mobile.

Here are some examples of how Publishers are leveraging Pay-Per-Call campaigns today:

* Search
* Display and Online Video
* Discounts and Coupons
* Social Media
* Email Marketing
* Review Sites and Blogs
* Storefronts
* Category Lead Generation
* Mobile Text and Display
* TV
* Newspaper (local and national)
* Radio
Direct Mail
* Outdoor

Ready to sign up for Pay-Per-Call and start earning more commissions?

If you are already an active Publisher on Google Affiliate Network, just follow these easy steps:

1. Find your PID in the lower-right hand corner of the Home>Overview screen.

2. Go to the Pay-Per-Call signup page at http://googleaffiliatenetwork.ringrevenue.com/signup

3. Fill out the form (including your PID from step 1) and click “Sign up”

4. Verify your phone number to confirm your application.

Google Affiliate Network will review your application and contact you with your approval status.

Still need convincing?  Here are a few more reasons why you should sign up for what Shawn Collins, co-founder of Affiliate Summit calls “the next big thing.”

* Consumers making large purchase decisions typically want to talk to a live person to get their questions answered before making a purchase.
* Without Pay-Per-Call you don’t get credit when consumers pick up the phone to call the merchant.
* Nearly 100% of consumers carry mobile phones. They are not buying on their browsers; they are using their phone to call.
* Phone calls convert on average 30-50% of the time, whereas clicks convert at 1-3%.
* According to Google, including phone numbers in ads drives up click-through rates between 5-30%.
* You have access to more offers including higher-end items and those requiring a more consultative sale.
* Call-based commissions average over $10.00.

Get credit for the phone-calls and clicks you drive. Sign up today! Click here

Already signed up?

To login and apply for campaigns visit: http://googleaffiliatenetwork.ringrevenue.com/login

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