Punchbowl Takes Party Planning Platform Mobile with New iPhone App!

3:48 am   -   February 8th, 2011

Great News! Punchbowl.com is excited to announce that we have gone mobile with New iPhone App! As the one-stop site for start to finish party planning, this iPhone App will help you stay on top of your event as it takes shape. Get our iPhone App today, it’s free!

Punchbowl.com offers a modern, effortless way to plan an unforgettable celebration with party planning features including customizable digital invitations, potluck organization, party supplies, local vendor search, and much more. We guide you through all the steps of party planning so any common issues are solved along the way.

Do not get stuck using a site that only provides you with invitations. At Punchbowl.com we guide you through all the steps of party planning so any common issues are solved along the way. Our goal is to help smart Moms and savvy professions plan a fantastic part from beginning to end removing all the stress involved.

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