is Calling All Brides and Bridesmaids!

4:14 am   -   May 13th, 2011

Now, for every Tee you purchase, Peace Love World will
give a New Tee to a child in need

Attention Brides and Bridesmaids!
Celebrate the BIG day with
Tie the knot with Peace Love World’s I am Bride and I am Bridesmaids Tees. Buy 5
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one! is known for
offering clothing gives you life from head to soul.
you to know we
more than clothing
carry a diverse inventory of apparel, backpacks, laptop covers, cell phone
skins, home products, stationary, and much more. In fact, we carry whatever you
need or want for all areas of your life.
have a simple goal:
spread peace, love and happiness where ever possible.
focus on strong powerful messages and through these powerful expressions, we
desire to effect change in the world around us.
you j
us by changing the world around you

A Friendly reminder: our T’s 4 Tots program is
running all year long! It’s very simple: With every tee you purchase, will give a new tee to a child in need. Buy One, Give

way of peace is the way of love and love is the greatest power on

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