Pay Per Call Commissions in Google Affiliate Network Now Offered by MUSICFACTORYDIRECT.COM

5:23 pm   -   July 29th, 2010

Make sweet music—and sweet commissions—when you become an affiliate of, an online source of top-quality musical instruments and accessories direct from the manufacturer.

And now you can earn commissions on both clicks and calls referred to through the Google Affiliate Network.

Sign Up NOW for MusicFactoryDirect’s Pay Per Call. Click here for link. Or, use this URL:

From guitars, amps,and percussion to keyboards, brass, woodwinds, and strings, searches the world to find dedicated manufacturers who create instruments to exacting standards.  By cutting out the middlemen, customers can purchase top-quality instruments—as well as pro-recording equipment and accessories—at value prices.  In fact, offers great brands like Briolette, Vento, L.A. Sax, Kenny G, Eagletone, Jinyin America, Orpheo, Wurzbach, Paco, Prodipe, and Noteworthy direct to the customer.  What’s more, regularly features special deals and clearance items—all music to customers’ ears.

PayPerCall Program Details:

* Earn up to $10 per new customer phone call
* $300 Average Order Size
* Keyword Policies: Affiliates may not bid on tradenames (or misspellings). Affiliates may NOT use the destination URL in the advertising links. Affilites may use the tradenames in ads and they may bid on Trademark + Term, as long as their bid is lower than MusicFactoryDirect’s.

To join the affiliate program, sign up at Google Affiliate Network.

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