Pacific Coast Feather Company affiliate program on CJ

6:02 pm   -   June 29th, 2006

Pacific Coast Feather Company affiliate program on CJ

Currency: USD United States Dollar

Joined Network: 5-Mar-2004

Category: Bed & Bath (show similar advertisers)

Description: Let Pacific Coast Feather Company make you money and enhance your website. Pacific Coast Feather has been providing the finest down and feather products and a great night’s sleep to customers for over 100 years. Our down comforters, pillows, and featherbeds offer the highest level of lasting support and comfort. All products come with a full warranty and are Allergy-Free. Join now and start making money today.
The benefits of joining the Pacific Coast Feather Affiliate Program:
* Additional source of revenue on your website
* Earn (a guaranteed) 8.25% of sales that are referred from your site.
* The average customer purchase is $170 on our site

Pacific Coast Feather benefits that your site visitors will enjoy:
* A great selection
* High quality products at reasonable prices
* Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed
* Product Warranty against defects
* A good night’s sleep!

Pacific Coast Feather Co. does not allow it’s affiliates to use the display URL, or, via search engine marketing.

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