NGC Worldwide Affiliate Program at CJ

8:37 pm   -   June 29th, 2006

NGC Worldwide Affiliate Program at CJ

Currency: USD United States Dollar

Joined Network: 22-Jun-2005

Category: Sports

Description: NGC Worldwide is recognized as a world leader in the development and marketing of both golf and fishing products. We have two separate websites – one for fishing and one for golf. Each site offers equally unique products, and a generous commission rate of 15%.

The golf website,, is an extension of NGC Golf – which has been in business since 1977. The site commands a high conversion rate because it offers unique, scientifically designed golf products not found in stores. These products are designed to improve one’s golf game through the use of innovative designs and new component materials. Featured products include clubs, balls, training aids, apparel, and accessories. Brand recognition is high – as we regularly advertise quarter page ads in USA TODAY and the Wall Street Journal, and full-page ads in Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, Golf Digest, PGA Tour Partners, and many more publications.

Our other website, sells our own line of unique, scientifically designed fishing lures, rods, and accessories. These products are heavily advertised and not available in stores. They include the Walking Worm (one of the most successful fishing infomercial products ever) and the KickTail Lure (won best “new lure” in Europe’s largest fish show). Currently our fishing lures are advertised regularly in USA TODAY, Popular Mechanics, North American Fisherman, Game and Fish, and many more.

Overall, both NGC websites offer products that are in high demand because they are advertised with excellent copy on a regular basis in major publications. Furthermore, they are not found in stores. We hope you can join us as an affiliate and enjoy the unusually high commission – we pay (15%). Affiliates may bid a maximum of 10 cents ($0.10) on trademark terms – NGC, NCG Golf, NGC Sports and variations. Also, there is to be no direct linking to our URL from paid listing.