New AvantLink Technology Provides Affiliates with the Necessary Tools for Success

6:29 pm   -   July 24th, 2007

AvantLink, the industry leader in Affiliate marketing technology, recently added an Affiliate API for an advanced interface to reporting, product and ad campaign data with multiple filter and output options.

Park City, UT (PRWEB) July 21, 2007 — recently announced the addition of an Affiliate API that includes a request builder for accessing available API modules and parameters. This new technology is a powerful addition to an already robust, and fully integrated, industry leading Affiliate tool center. Online marketers that qualify for AvantLink have free access to the tools, which are standardized across all merchant programs. Affiliate API modules currently include AffiliateReport, AffiliateReportRss, GetLinkCampaigns, ProductPriceCheck, and ProductSearch.

One of AvantLink’s primary objectives is to provide high-value Affiliates with the tools they need to maintain accurate pricing and inventory through campaigns on behalf of their merchant partners. Accurate campaign data translates to higher conversion, which in turn means more sales and revenue for all interested parties. AvantLink’s Affiliate API meets the needs of the most sophisticated and effective online marketers in the Affiliate marketing space today.

“Our API is platform-independent,” says AvantLink CTO David Clark. “We’ve opened up our system to the Affiliates rather than locking them into a ‘boxed’ feature set. For instance, if an Affiliate doesn’t like the formatting of our Product Display Builder tool, they could essentially construct their own via the API,” he adds.

The nature of the data Affiliates have access to through the API yields an unlimited number of creative ways to display product level content on web sites. This will result in Affiliate sites with continuous up-to-date pricing and inventory, a higher level of user stickiness, and better search engine placement for product related searches.

AvantLink’s top Affiliates have already started using the API. “What I like the most is that we can define exactly what data we want, when we want it, and in what format,” says Dave MacLeay, publisher of “As a developer who’s pulling reporting data from a number of different networks, I’ve found AvantLink’s solution to be the easiest to set up and integrate with our application.”

About AvantLink:
AvantLink was founded in 2005 on the ideas of innovation, quality and service. They offer industry leading datafeeds and advanced Affiliate tools like RSS feeds, an Affiliate API, coupon feeds, product displays, and ad syndication options. For more information please visit