NetZero Offer for Announced on Commission Junction

11:10 pm   -   December 4th, 2006


Go to “Get Links”, search for “PrivatePhone” and join!!!

United Online, owner of, NetZero Internet, MyPoints, and Juno Online Services, has recently launched… with a SPECIAL introductory *$2.00* per Lead price.

PrivatePhone features:
* FREE local U.S. telephone number and voicemail
* Up to 10,000 voicemail capacity
* Embed a voicemail message (audio message) to any MySpace or other HTML based page.
* Embed your Phone number on your MySpace of other HTML based page using out Glitter Telephone number graphic.
* All calls go straight to voicemail currently
* Receive an SMS text message to your cell when a new voicemail is left
* Check voicemail via the web or by calling your phone number from any phone

PrivatePhone allows users to:
* Use the phone number for ONLINE DATING
* POST AN AUDIO MESSAGE on your MySpace page (like an audio blog, using a your phone)
* Get a phone number to post on your Craigslist or ebay listing as a way to communicate with buyer’s better

Think of all the things you could do with a free anonymous phone number. Join today and promote the PrivatePhone features to your audience!

Key audience targets:
* Social network and Online Daters
* ebay and Craigslist merchants
* Web site owners
* Blog owners that want to record an audio message in their blog

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or through CJ Mail.

United Online
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