My Nursing Uniforms Celebrates 100,000 Online Nursing Uniforms Customers

8:09 pm   -   May 8th, 2009

My Nursing Uniforms (MNU) announces the celebration of their 100,000th online customer and unveil plans for future industry expansion.

New York, New York (PRWEB) May 8, 2009 — My Nursing Uniforms (MNU), a leader in online retail for nursing uniforms and scrubs, announced the celebration of their 100,000th online customer this past week.

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The milestone marks 4 successful years of online nursing scrubs retail for MNU. Ranging from brand name scrubs, healthcare apparel, and even shoes, MNU has focused their attention on offering the latest product and styles at affordable prices for medical professionals in the United States.

When asked about the journey to one hundred thousand online customers, CEO Alan Weissman suggested the milestone was a huge accomplishment for MNU and a positive sign of future things to come.

"We are thrilled about hitting the 100 000 mark. I think it’s a real testament to how we treat our customers and to the products we offer them. Our promise has always been to provide the best online shopping experience for healthcare workers and after shipping 100,000 orders we are better prepared to deliver on that promise than ever"

"Although we have reached the 100 000 milestone we are reaching even higher. The team at MNU is working hard to provide a better overall experience for our online shopper that will not only extend our product line beyond nursing uniforms, but also include important resources for medical professional. We are also community focused and are developing new ways for shoppers to interact online and for MNU to give back to the community it serves."

"We are acutely aware of the expanding competition, but we have confident that our overall value cannot be matched online. We look at every order we receive as an opportunity to improve the professional lives of some of the most important workers in America: nurses and medical professionals."

The new focus will be complemented with an updated web blog and extensions into other online networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Included in the expansion plans will be the continued investment in the overall search experience so customers can find the right uniform based on their needs and preferences quickly.

Alan continued, "Here at MNU we want to be the online leader in nursing uniform retailing, but we also want to offer our customers more than a shopping experience. We are adding weekly nursing resources in our articles section to provide important and interesting industry and lifestyle information. Our aim is to contribute not just to our customer’s wardrobe, but to their overall well being."

The 100000 milestone event was attained by MNU through their online offerings of the popular nursing uniform brands including: Dickies scrubs, Landau scrubs, Urbane Scrubs, and Cherokee scrubs.

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