Mosaic Digital Systems Launches Innovative CRM to Empower Small Businesses in Affiliate Marketing

12:00 am   -   September 7th, 2023

Mosaic Digital Systems, Inc., a trailblazing CRM platform, has recently emerged from stealth mode, making waves in the affiliate marketing landscape. The company, founded by adtech visionary Kyle Mitnick, has already assisted 800 e-commerce businesses in generating a staggering $150 million in sales through its groundbreaking do-it-yourself, SaaS partnership marketing platform.

Mitnick, renowned for his role in leading the affiliate advertising agency Advertise Purple to the forefront of affiliate program management, now aims to revolutionize affiliate marketing. His brainchild, Mosaic, offers brands the unprecedented ability to achieve scalable success independently.

“Mosaic will redefine what it means to be an expert affiliate marketer by empowering brands of all sizes to attain scalable success on their own terms,” Mitnick emphasized. “Through Mosaic, brands gain access to precise targeting capabilities that identify niche publishers catering directly to their target audience, delivering unparalleled levels of relevance and engagement compared to traditional marketing strategies.”

While the global affiliate marketing industry boasts a $12 billion valuation and sees 80% of brands utilizing affiliate marketing to acquire new customers, it remains fragmented. Discovery and scheduling have remained resource-intensive challenges. Furthermore, smaller businesses have grappled with tracking and analyzing conversions to measure program effectiveness, leaving critical insights accessible primarily to companies with substantial advertising budgets.

With Mosaic CRM, microbrands and SMBs are finally taking control of their affiliate program growth. They gain access to cutting-edge industry insights and automation tools that were once reserved for larger enterprises.

Mosaic’s user-friendly platform allows businesses to input affiliate program credentials and relevant information, which is then automatically integrated into the system. An intuitive dashboard provides immediate access to all aspects of affiliate program management and growth. Users can monitor campaign performance at both affiliate and vertical levels, with optimization opportunities conveniently stored in a centralized dashboard accessible to relevant team members. All campaigns are created and tracked within the Mosaic platform, enabling comprehensive performance assessment.

Kyle Mitnick emphasized the game-changing nature of Mosaic’s data-driven approach. “With real-time analytics and performance metrics, you can make informed decisions to optimize your partnerships for maximum impact,” he stated. “Mosaic empowers brands to remain agile, adjust strategies, and respond effectively to evolving market dynamics.”

About Mosaic Digital Systems

Mosaic Digital Systems is at the forefront of affiliate CRM technology. Beyond enhancing performance, its CRM offers planning tools and guidance, enabling users to effortlessly recruit, optimize, and implement advanced performance marketing strategies. Mosaic provides daily custom recruitment and optimization recommendations, consistently scaling clients’ programs and revenues. Brands leveraging the Mosaic CRM have reported an average ROAS of 8.5 and double-digit year-over-year revenue growth.