MNU’s Landau and Cherokee Nursing Scrubs in High Demand

6:35 pm   -   July 24th, 2007

Landau and Cherokee Maternity Scrubs are the popular choice

It’s clear to us at MNU that maternity scrubs are in very high demand out there, so we’ve decided to stock up on the most comfortable, stylish and flattering maternity scrubs available. And who better to provide us with these maternity scrubs than two of the most respected manufacturers in the country, Landau Scrubs and Cherokee Scrubs. So without further ado, we present you with the Landau Empire Waist Maternity Scrub Top and the Landau Woman’s Maternity Scrub Pant as well as the Cherokee Maternity Scrub V-Neck Tunic and the Cherokee Maternity Scrub Pant. These scrubs are sure to keep all of you soon-to-be-mom nurses comfortable and looking great!