LobsterGram’s Newsletter to Commission Junction Affiliates

1:44 pm   -   October 27th, 2006

Lobster Gram Holiday Affiliate Newsletter

Just wanted to send a note to get you to start thinking about the approaching Holiday season and also how you can blog your way to profits as well.

Lobster and Holidays – They go together like Surf & Turf

It’s not too late. Here is what happened last year.

Last year, in Q4 2005, some of our affiliates saw their commission revenue increase by over 2600%.
For all affiliates who had sales for the 4th Quarter of 2005 saw an average % increase in commission revenue of over 1300%.
One of our affiliates saw an 8800% increase in his sales commissions (which made for a very nice Holiday check!).
The point is you need to start promoting Lobster Gram today! Don’t wait, get those links up. We want to help you sell and have committed to making several improvements that will enhance your sales this Holiday. I will be sending you regular e-mails to let you know of these changes.

NOTE: It would help greatly if I had your regular e-mail address to reach you as CJ’s e-mail system isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Please send me an e-mail to affiliate[at]livelob.com and let me know who you are so I can help you really maximize sales this Holiday.

Start promoting Lobster Gram’s high price point gourmet delicacies such as Live Maine Lobster, Frozen Lobster Tails, and Restaurant Quality Filet Mignons to your audience and you will see your commissions go up, in some cases WAY UP! OK, enough of the hype, if you are smart you’ll start promoting Lobster Gram today so you can cash in on the commissions.