LinkShare UK Offers Increased Affiliate Commissions

3:16 pm   -   July 18th, 2007

Earn 3% More in Q3 with LinkShare UK Beginning in July, many of our UK advertisers are offering up to an extra 3% commission on top of their baseline commissions. Commissions during this promotion range from 8% up to 15%. This promotion is running through the end of September. Click here for details on advertisers that are offering this special bonus commission.

Follow the instructions below to join the LinkShare UK Network and to start your participation in this rewarding Q3 promotion!

1. Log into your account on and choose the Your Account tab.
2. Click on Update Profile.
3. Select your Legal Entity under the Channel Manager on the left. Your Legal Entity has a gray icon next to it and is listed at the top of the Channel Manager.
4. Scroll down to Manage Participating Networks and click on the Manage button.
5. Choose the UK Network, enter your banking information, and hit Update.
6. After you receive the Updated Successfully message, click on your Channel (gray box with the blue bar on top).
7. Scroll down to Web Site Network.
8. Check the box next to the UK Network, and hit Update.
9. Once you have done this, you will see the UK Network as an additional option in the drop down menu under the ‘Home’ tab.