LinkShare Technical Updates Outlined in Affiliate Newsletter

7:44 pm   -   April 17th, 2007

NEW: Merchant RSS Feed

Merchants in the LinkShare Network are now able to send RSS feeds to you that include your LinkShare Affiliate ID. RSS feeds do not eliminate the need for you to log into your LinkShare account, but will make it easier for you to get promotional links and program updates directly from your Merchants. Please keep in mind that Merchants may not be offering feeds right away as it might take them a while to set up the feeds.

To receive RSS feeds from your Merchant partners, you will need to subscribe to the Merchant’s feed and access an RSS reader. For more information on setting up RSS feeds, select RSS Resource Page from the Home tab in the Affiliate Interface.

Individual Product Link Thumbnails

Individual product links in the Create Links section only displayed the text of the product.

LinkShare has added thumbnail images of the Individual Product Links in the Create Links section of the Affiliate Interface, making it easier for you to find the product links you want.

Elimination of 90-day Password Change and Image Challenge at Login

All LinkShare users were required to change their password every 90 days and enter an image challenge at login.

After receiving valuable input from our Advisory Board members, LinkShare has removed the requirement to change your password every 90 days and the image challenge at login. We will continue to use SSL-encryption at login. Additionally, the Update Profile page is also secured using SSL-encryption.

If you want to change your password, log into your LinkShare account, select Update Profile from the Your Account tab, click on the Channel Contact (icon looks like a business card) from the Channel Manager, enter your new password, and then hit Submit.