LinkShare announces the release of SynergyAnalytics 2.1

10:14 pm   -   September 7th, 2006

LinkShare is proud to announce the release of SynergyAnalytics 2.1 on September 6. The newest version of SynergyAnalytics features an enhanced Network Transaction Analysis tab and can be accessed through the affiliate interface by selecting the Run Reports tab.

The Network Transaction Analysis tab was designed using direct feedback from affiliates. Some of the more notable changes are:

* Affiliates will now start their SynergyAnalytics session on the Network Transaction Analysis tab, which will provide quick and easy access to the most often used affiliate information.

* A central table displaying major performance statistics, including EPC.

* An alert box for information on new merchants, payment batch notices, and tips for using Analytics.

* Aggregate commission and payment data with the ability to drill down to payment detail.

* A new detailed payment report allowing affiliates to see commissions earned, adjustments, and payment status by merchant.

* Fewer clicks to access the latest payment batch detail.

* A suite of new reports designed specifically for affiliates:
o Trend analyses including program trending for performance and
o Commission drop and growth analyses that highlight the most
significant merchant changes in commission compared to the
previous week or month.
o Top performing product, merchant and creative reports.

To help our partners become more comfortable with SynergyAnalytics, we have developed a series of pre-recorded web-based training modules. These modules can be accessed by going to the Help section in SynergyAnalytics and selecting one of the five Online Modules — Application Basics Module, Network Transaction Module, Offer Analysis Module, Partner Analysis Module, and Consumer Analysis Module.

We will continue to offer our traditional interface reporting for the next six to nine months to ease the transition to SynergyAnalytics.