Lens.com Affiliate Program on Commission Junction

2:38 pm   -   June 26th, 2006

Lens.com Affiliate Program on Commission Junction

Joined Network: 10-Nov-2004

Category: Vision Care (show similar advertisers)

Description: Lens.com is simply the best place to get contact lenses. With commission payouts as high as 11% and an average order size of $120, affiliates have the potential to earn huge commissions on each sale.

Lens.com has a wide selection of the best contact lenses including: disposable, colored, vial, bifocal, monthly, gas permeable, toric and novelty brands. Our products come from top manufacturers such as: Bausch & Lomb, CIBA Vision, Johnson & Johnson and much more. With savings up to 70% off and quality name brand products, the Lens.com affiliate program is essentially unbeatable!

At Lens.com we take pride in providing the best customer service. Our fast and easy site keeps customers coming back and your commissions flowing in. We also provide special coupons each month to help you attract even more customers.

For affiliates participating in Search Engine Marketing:
-No affiliate may bid above Lens.com for branded terms
-No affiliate may include “Official Site” in their creative
-No affiliate may bid above $.25 on any corporate term
-No affiliate may use Lens.com or any derivation of Lens.com in their display URL

We reserve the right to modify bidding policies at any time.

Contact Us
If you have any questions or comments about our program, please feel free to email us at [email protected]. Our affiliate marketing team looks forward to hearing from you.