Johnston County Hams New Coupon Offers Just in Time for Easter!

9:05 pm   -   March 24th, 2009

10% off any order of $75. or more.  COUPON CODE: 10off75

15% off any order of $150 or more. COUPON CODE: 15off150

For over 60 years and across two generations of renowned curemasters, we at Johnston County Hams have hand crafted "cured" country hams inspired by the techniques used by America’s early colonists.  Johnston County Hams have a unique, lightly smoked aroma and mellow, lightly salted taste unlinke anything else and are truly a gourmet delicacy. 

Order deli thin ready to serve slices of our cooked country ham – perfect for sandwiches, biscuits, croissants, etc. Ready to serve! Ready to eat! Or, enjoy the unique flavor and sweet aroma of country ham gone Italian. Or, try the unique flavor and sweet aroma of country bacon- Dry Cured and Hickory Smoked so it doesn’t shrink when cooked!

In addition to our famous country hams, Johnston County Hams is also pleased to offer a finely cured and delicately aged prosciutto, a sweet honey cured ham and traditional favorites from our smokehouse including dry cured bacon, smoked turkey and delicious country sausage.

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