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3:59 am   -   November 2nd, 2011 no longer supporting K-cups, please remove your

Dear Partner,

Green Mountain has gained a monopoly position in the K-Cup
coffee market. The termination by GMCR will disrupt service to our 30,000 plus
satisfied K-cup customers. With GMCR buying all of the K-Cup suppliers, it has
essentially become the exclusive provider of Keurig K-Cup products. GMCR has
bought Emerils, Gloria Jeans, Timothy’s, Diedrich, Coffee People, and Van Houtte
which allows them to raise prices at will, cut product choices and get rid of

Thank you for your understanding and for removing all K-cups


Bill and Jammie McClure and the family, Emmie, Ellie, Gabe, Sammie,
Leisha and all of the team.

When one door closes another door opens. Take
this opportunity to promote making your own K-Cups using the Solofill Cup or
Perfect Pod EZ-Cup. Any of our Gourmet Coffees or Teas can be used to easily
make your own K-Cups!

Solofill Reusable
is an environmentally friendly alternative to throwing away K-Cups.
Save money while reducing your environmental impact! Easy to use, simple 2 step
process. Innovative Octaflo Plus hot water distribution system for a superior
tasting cup of gourmet coffee. Easy clean up, unique one piece design with
integrated hinged lid and stainless steel micro mesh filter for easy

Now Only $13.99 (regularly 15.99)

Perfect Pod EZ-Cup
allows you to use any coffee or tea in your Keurig Coffee Machine. Simply insert
the Perfect Pod EZ-Cup Filter papers (sold separately) and fill with your
favorite coffee or loose leaf tea. Easy clean up. Stronger tasting coffee or
tea. Try the Perfect Pod if you have ever had trouble with the My K-Cup
re-usable filter.

Now Only $13.99 (regularly 19.95)

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