Go “Green” for Valentine’s Day with ONNO!

7:14 pm   -   January 29th, 2009

T-shirts Made from Bamboo, Hemp and Organic Cotton – The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift!

A Socially Responsible T-shirt? Well … that’s the idea. ONNO’s shirts are made with sustainable fibers; bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. Our shirts are produced in work places that we feel good about … socially responsible manufacturing. We buy carbon offsets to balance the harm we do by transporting our shirts from here to there.

Bamboo T-Shirts – Bamboo fabric feels like a blend of cashmere and silk. 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton. Great fit. Softer than your softest cotton shirt. People are going to touch you. Wicks moisture. Antimicrobial. Made from the fastest growing plant on earth. Available in Men’s, Women’s and Junior sizes.

Hemp T-Shirts – Industrial Hem is superior to cotton for fabric, trees for paper and corn biofuel. 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton. Trust us: this shirt is soft, and it will get softer with continued washing. Great fit. Blocks UV rays, wicks moisture, and is antimicrobial. Available in Men’s, Women’s and Junior sizes.

Organic T-Shirts – Organic cotton is better for people, wildlife, and the environment. 100% organic cotton. Made with the most expensive organic cotton we could get our hands on. Even we are surprised at how soft these shirts are. Available in Men’s, Women’s and Junior sizes.

ONNO uses the highest quality raw materials we can get our hands on. And, we have a unique method of making shirts… the result will have you murmuring, repeatedly, “oh yes”.

ONNO T-shirts Made from Bamboo, Hemp and Organic Cotton.

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