Give the Gift of Learning: Award-Winning Program Makes Learning Fun for Children!

12:49 am   -   October 12th, 2011

and relatives searching for a meaningful gift for a loved one now have a
great choice:  Whether you are looking for a birthday
gift, a holiday
gift, or simply a gift to show someone you care, will
provide a
fun and rewarding experience that will last a lifetime.

The lessons of
the Step-by-Step Learning Path consist of hundreds of books, puzzles, games,
songs, art activities, and/or printables that relate to a specific topic. Each
lesson offers children several different ways to learn, in accordance with the
recommendations of early childhood experts. recently won the Mom’s Choice Gold Award,
their highest honor, in the Online Resources category.’s
music album, The Letter Songs A to Z received its own Mom’s Choice
Gold Award
for Educational Products & Software.  The Letter
Songs A to Z
features 26 full-length songs that help children learn the
names and sounds of the letters of the alphabet.  You can preview all of
these songs at helps prepare a child for academic
success. is the leading and most comprehensive online early
education curriculum for parents, preschools and kindergartens in the United
States and Canada. Developed in close collaboration with nationally recognized
education experts, was recently honored with the prestigious
Parents’ Choice Gold Award, the highest level of recognition from the
Parents’ Choice Foundation. The award is given to products that are judged to
have the highest production standards, universal human values, and a unique,
individual quality that pushes the product a notch above

To fit everyone’s needs and budget we offer three convenient
enrollment options:

1. $7.95 per month
2. $79 per year (get 2
months FREE)
3. $99 for two years (this is our best offer with over 45%

Set your little scholar on a fun and
safe learning path at

Program Details:

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    • $11 Payout 226-300 New Subscriptions Per Month
    • $12 Payout 301+ New Subscriptions Per Month

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