Gift Card Promotion on AvantLink Network from

3:08 pm   -   December 6th, 2006

Hey Affiliates.. Here’s a unique opportunity to promote a gift card. ToolKing has launched a cool promo that will give all gift card recipients 10% of extra value added on to the card! So if one of your customers buys a $100 gift card, they’ll have $110 of value when they go to redeem. This promo is running from today until December 15.

Brian Boyd from ToolKing has already updated banners and their Dynamic Coupon Feed. This should be able to yield a couple of conversions for you so add the banner to a high profile area of your tool site. If you’re using the coupon feed, you’re already featuring the promo.

If you’re not yet an active ToolKing Affiliate, check out their program detail page to learn more. We’d love to get ya activate in this program!

Drop us a line if you need anything,

Gary & AvantLink