ATTN: Affiliate Marketer…Do the Shopping FOR Your Customers

4:13 pm   -   April 6th, 2007

Shopping Comparison

81% of Broadband Users Shop Online

Shopping comparison Web sites are ever popular with today’s impatient consumer. Why visit Web site after Web site searching for the best deal on a certain product when with a shopping comparison Web site you can find the best deal with the click of a button? Shopping comparison sites search far and wide for the best deal on the consumer’s desired product – then allow the consumer to click through and purchase the item.

This one stop shopping experience saves time for the consumer, and the frustration of searching site after site. Incorporating shopping comparison into your business model is a smart move, and to further monetize this one stop shopping experience consider creating a hybrid model. Incorporate a percentage back to the consumer, or a percentage of the purchase donated to a charity. With more and more shopping comparison sites popping up, taking a unique spin with a hybrid model can attract users and loyalty.