Diversify Your Affiliate Marketing Business Model

4:09 pm   -   April 6th, 2007

Diversify your business
Just as it is important to diversify your financial portfolios, it is just as important to diversify your affiliate marketing program. The Affiliate Marketing industry changes every day, as do the many elements affecting your business including search engine system upgrades, trends and the end consumer. No one can quite predict what is going to be big in the next five years, let alone the next five days. For this reason it is crucial that you are not 100% focused on any one specific form of generating revenue. If you are 100% search focused, or are strictly a loyalty publisher, diversify your business model. Mix search with a deal site, incorporate coupons, consider adapting a price comparison aspect to your Web site, or create a newsletter. Diversifying your business model doesn’t just protect you from industry changes down the road; it also helps drive more revenue today.

With the evolution of the ever powerful consumer and the ever changing industry, it is crucial that you, the savvy publisher, change with the times – whether you are changing with the demands of the consumer, through video, blogs or the creation of a unique search engine, or keeping up with the industry through international expansion and diversifying your business. Above all, remember to stay in touch with your top advertisers as relationships are one of the most fundamental elements of affiliate marketing. Advertisers realize that publishers are on the forefront of adapting new and innovative solutions to generate additional means of revenue and often they will be willing to give you a budget to try something new. Share your ideas with your advertisers and find out how you can work together to take advantage of industry shifts and trends and ultimately make your partnerships wildly successful.

Happy Growing!