Affiliate Network Commission Junction Launches New Strategy in UK

3:41 pm   -   January 26th, 2007

Press Release: Commission Junction launches vertical sector strategy

Release Date: 25 January 2007
ValueClick’s Commission Junction, the world’s biggest affiliate marketing company, has completed a re-launch of its UK business to focus on meeting the needs of clients – including advertisers, agencies and affiliates – by sectors. The sectors teams created are for finance, retail, travel and agency.

Most affiliate networks only offer a generic service proposition, but in May 2006 Commission Junction conducted a survey amongst a variety of clients and non-clients to analyse attitudes towards service and approach. The research showed that respondents were looking for a highly bespoke, sophisticated and customer focused outlook from the networks. Consequently in the last six months the company has reviewed the organisation to meet these requirements.

In November 2006, the sales team was re-organised to align team members to specific verticals and new starter, Daryl Warner, was appointed as Vertical Sales Manager. Daryl’s remit is to generate new business from traditional marketers.

The account management team is being re-shaped to better match individuals’ knowledge and strengths to clients’ needs, and the technical and product teams are tailoring products and services to sector needs in 2007.

Micro-sites will be launched at at the end of January, and contain white papers, case studies and testimonials, and resources for finance, retail, travel and agency advertisers and affiliates. The company is also instigating regular sector specific newsletters and forum events for clients.

Alison Guise, UK Country Manager for Commission Junction and Mediaplex said “Affiliate marketing has matured over the last few years, and it’s continuing to grow. Sector specific services and knowledge sets are the future of affiliate marketing, and as the world’s leading company in this space, we need to be and are, driving the way forward.”

“We’ve undertaken a completely holistic review of the way in which we work and as a result made some significant enhancements in expanding areas like retail, which we believe will produce tangible benefits to our advertiser and affiliate clients. We are already seeing immediate benefits and positive feedback from our customers.”

Matt Simpson, Head of Digital at Starcom Digital commented “Commission Junction has traditionally been very strong in the travel and finance sectors. Their investment in vertical sector knowledge is likely to pay dividends in the mainly undifferentiated area of affiliate management.

“In order for many digital organisations to gain stand out, they need to understand sector nuances, agency needs, seasonal changes and consumer needs, and then create bespoke solutions. We welcome Commission Junction’s changes and can clearly see how they will benefit our clients.”

Commission Junction will be regularly updating the micro-sites with research reports and ongoing events, including updated on Commission Junction University 2007.