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8:00 pm   -   January 20th, 2009

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Lucky Bamboo has always been a favorite for the Chinese New Year, and now is offering it at a special savings! Order any Lucky Bamboo products before January 26th and get 5% off your order. has three unique Bamboo products to celebrate the Chinese New Year. All three are available at the one-time discount of 5% off.

Lucky Bamboo – customary in ancient Chinese culture that a gift of living bamboo brings Good Fortune. Imported from Taiwan, Lucky Bamboo comes from original stock and is extremely hardy. They will grow indoors for years with virtually no care, requiring only an inch or two of water. Our Lucky Bamboo kit consists of: three bamboo stems tied together with a red thread, an imported Oriental Porcelain pot (4″ diameter by 3″ high), and decorative shiny stones. Save 5%, use coupon code: LUCKY5P

Bamboo Forest Bowl – This antique style bowl is the perfect home for your bamboo forest. You can arrange the eight provided stalks (varying heights) to your taste or follow our diagram. Buried in beautiful river stones, this lucky bamboo is an elegant statement of simplicity. Save 5%, use coupon code: LUCKY5P

River Rock Bamboo – Rocks-glass-bamboo. A trio of elements that, when combined, form a statement of elegant simplicity. By balancing the form and substance of river stones and bamboo stalks with an exquisite glass vase we’ve created an Impressionistic tropical grove that functions as an intriguing centerpiece or accent. Water and a little light will keep this daceaena sanderiana, commonly known as lucky bamboo, healthy for a long time to come. Comes complete with polished river stones, 7 – 8″ bamboo cuttings and a 6″ crystalline glass vase. Save 5%, use coupon code: LUCKY5P

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