Celebrate October with Great Deals from OrganicBouquet.com

9:08 pm   -   October 11th, 2010

There is a lot to celebrate in October and as the leading online source of eco-friendly flowers and gifts, OrganicBouquet.com is making it easy!

It is Autumn and what better way to enjoy the beginnings of Autumn than with roses! From October 10th to the 16th, get 50 Autumn Roses for only $69.95 from OrganicBouquet.com. For a limited time get 25 vibrant orange and 25 silky peach roses to usher in the fall season. (Yes, you heard right-that is a total of 50 stems)! Our beautifully autumn colored roses come directly to you from the farm, so you receive the freshest roses possible. Each bouquet is specially packed in two bunches of 25 stems. Hurry, offer is for a limited time. GAN Link #41000000033075768

Boss’s Day is October 16th. A great way to show your boss you appreciate them (or maybe just butter them up) is with a Wine Grape Bonsai from OrganicBouquet.com only $61.95 (regular price $75.95). This is the perfect way to bring an authentic piece of the California Wine Country heritage into the home. Our eco-conscious Wine Grape Bonsai are 10-12 year old wine grape specimens. They are 10 to 12 inch high, 8 to 10 inches in diameter, from California, and recommended for indoors. Offer valid from October 10th to the 18th. GAN Link #41000000033075769

Do not forget about Sweetest Day on Saturday, October 16th. This special day has grown into an opportunity to show romantic love or appreciate to friends. We have several eco-friendly gifts in our collection so you can express your feelings to those you wish on Sweetest Day. You can personalize each gift with a thoughtful message on our gift card. Offer valid from October 10th to the 19th.

The only reason to send our Blue Iris Bouquet is because they are beautiful! The Blue Iris flower is widely regarded as a symbol of purity and is also referred to as fleur-de-lis. One Blue Iris Bouquet from OrganicBouquet.com comes with 15 perfect blossoms and wildcrafted Bear Grass creating a simple yet elegant display. Now until October 29th when you buy one Blue Iris Bouquet for $44.95, you get another one FREE! You get twice as many stems, which means 30 dazzling stems along with the Bear Grass, making twice the impression! To ensure your Blue Iris Bouquet is at their freshest, we ship them in bud form and they will bloom within 2 to 3 days of arriving. Since this offer is valid until October 29th, you have time to take advantage of this fantastic offer from OrganicBouquet.com over and over again!

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