Announces the Top 10 Ways to go Light Backpacking (AvnatLink Merchant)

3:30 pm   -   November 8th, 2006

The days of packing 60+ pounds in your 6000 cubic inch pack for a 5 day getaway are gone (or at least they should be). The days of lightening up your pack are here. So what is “going light”? There are varying opinions of lightweight backpacking. To some, a 35 lb pack is going light because they previously had a pack that weighed 70 lbs! To others, 35 lbs would be like hauling gold bars in your pack. For some, going light means sacrificing comfort and spending a month’s paycheck on ultra light gear.

(PRWeb) November 8, 2006 — CampSaver doesn’t define what is or is not ultra light backpacking. These 10 tips are basic ideas to help anyone lose extra weight in their pack regardless if you have a 60 lb pack or a 20 lb pack. These helpful tips and hints can be used for long 14 day trips or short day trips.

Here are’s 10 tips to help you start your journey to the light pack.

1. Start with the 3 heaviest items you’ll carry. Tent, sleeping bag and pack. If your tent, sleeping bag or pack is more than 5 years old, there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to shave 2-5 pounds off each one without sacrificing comfort or function.

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