Bookbyte Offers Free Shipping for Back-to-School and Faster Web Service for Price Feeds

1:54 am   -   August 2nd, 2011

Back to School season is a great time to  boost your commissions at, which has a
consistently high conversion rate, as much as 15%, so be sure to take advantage
of high potential commissions especially by promoting these two

1. Free Shipping on all
orders over $49, good through September 30, 2011

Our new Guaranteed Buyback (GBB), a convenient alternative to textbook rentals
where students can save $700 or more in a year!

Our goal is to provide students with the most cost and
time efficient way of getting the textbooks they need for their current and
subsequent school terms. Cash-strapped students can save, on average, more than
$700 a year on textbooks-based on a low, up-front price, while providing a 10
percent rebate when students sell textbooks back to Bookbyte at the end of the
term. No late fees are charged, either.

Faster web service for publishers!
HTML based price feeds will be phased out as of July
31, 2011 and publishers are encouraged to utilize new web services. SOAP and REST versions of the Bookbyte Web Service are now available.  Please contact Tyler Parksion at [email protected], to get special access.

Key Benefits Include:

  1. Ease of implementation. The new service eliminates  the need for
    encoding, as Bookbyte’s shipping price will be included  in all  inventory
  2. Speed: now pricing  can be obtained in one call to the web service
  3. Encoded links that correspond to a publisher’s Affiliate Network of
    choice: Google Affiliate Network
  4. Inclusion of any shipping promotions that Bookbyte is
    currently running does not
just carry textbooks. We also
carry the popular favorites from current
authors to the classics. And we c
it all at discounted prices. Whether you are looking
for new or used, textbooks or novels, has the
best prices

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Earn Regular Affiliate Commissions up to 5%
  • Conversion Rate Nearly 15%
  • $60 Average Order Size
  • DataFeed Available
  • Keyword Policies: You may NOT
    bid on the trade name or misspellings.  Affiliates may NOT use the tradenames in
    ads.  Affiliates may use the destination URL in the advertising
    links. affiliate program is availble
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